Carbon, Climate, Energy and Resources

About this event series

The energy we consume creates carbon emissions that damage the planet through global warming. The Australian fires and Indonesian floods of 2020 were the consequence of 250 years of industry using toxic energy sources. With the UK committed to be carbon neutral by 2050, and all nations aiming to reduce greenhouse gasses by 40% by 2030.

LSBU set out to understand how society could go green, more quickly and what will that means for architects, engineer and the built environment?

Our prominent guest speakers included

  • The Cabinet Office on organising COP 26
  • The Environment Agency
  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Greengage
  • Sweco UK
  • Buro Happold

Keynote speakers

Keynote Address: What are the Government’s Plans for COP26?

Expert: Matt Toombs, Director of Partnerships and Engagement for COP 26, Cabinet Office

Panel Discussion: Creating Sustainable Development: measuring the positive ecological, economic and social impact of the Katchumbala Maternity Unit 


Session Host: Thomas Empson, Sustainability Project Manager, LSBU

Panel Discussion: COVID-19 vs. Sustainability 


  • Hannah Northrop, Lecturer in Planning, LSBU
  • Dr Hugh Atkinson, Distinguished Research Fellow, The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Solutions, Bristol
  • Mark Turner,  Local Authority Development Manager in Planning

Session Host: Jaya Gajparia

School: Law and Social Sciences

LSBU staff

Session: Engineering the future: Student Successes in Sustainable Development Competition

Lead: Alessio Corso, Head of Division, Mechanical Engineering and Design

School: Engineering

Session: How small creative acts every day like wearing odd socks, can lead to the big paradigm shifts we need in society to tackle climate change

Lead: Jasmine Pradissitto, Artist and Visiting Lecturer,

School: Engineering

Session: How is LSBU supporting London start-ups create sustainable innovation?
Lead: Ellen South, Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Innovation

Department: Research, Enterprise and Innovation, LSBU

Session: LSBU and the Climate Emergency Debate Series - what we have learned and how can we bridge the gaps
Leads: Andy Ford Professor of Building Systems, School of Built Environment and Architecture, LSBU and Pippa Palmer, Curator of LSBU's Climate Emergency Debate Series 
School: Built Environment and Architecture

Keynote speakers

Keynote Address: Climate Change Emergency Environmental Agency response

Expert: Katherine Ibbotson, Programme Carbon and Cost Manager, the Environment Agency

Session: Hear some inspirational stories from our alumni working in the fields of sustainability and climate issues


  • Nureen Glaves - CEO of FeedMeGood Creator of How to be a Smart Food Shopper. Chef, Food Waste Guru, IKEA Live LAGOM Influencer

Session Host: IB Para-Mallam, Alumni Relationship Manager

Department: Volunteering & Individual Giving

Session: The World After - Film Screening plus Q&A with film-maker David Blandy 

Experts: David Blandy, film maker of ‘The World After’

Lead: Tim Fransen, Technical Tutor in Web Publishing and Design, Technical Support Services,

School: Arts & Creative Industries

LSBU staff

Session: Measuring SDG Impacts under the ‘Carbon Umbrella’. Using Theory of Change and the Triple Bottom Line to develop new ways of ensuring alignment of stakeholders to drive greater SDG impacts

Lead: Paul Mansell, Doctoral Researcher, Nathu Puri Institute,

School: Engineering

Session: Where we were, where we are now and where we want to be. How LSBU reduced its carbon footprint by over 50% over the last 8 years and the challenges faced

Lead: Chris Barnes, Maintenance and Energy Manager

Department: Estates & Academic Environment, LSBU

Keynote speakers

Keynote Address: Energy futures – decarbonisation and decentralisation

Expert: Lee Hargreaves, Associate Director, Buro Happold

LSBU staff

Session: Advanced Smart Vacuum Insulation Technologies for Sustainable Low Carbon Buildings 

Lead: Dr Saim Memon, Head of Solar Thermal Vacuum Engineering Research Group, London Centre for Energy Engineering and Senior Lecturer and Course Director, Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

School: Engineering

Session: Towards Environmental Sustainability through Engineering Management

Lead: Prof. Simon Philbin, Director of the Nathu Puri Institute for Engineering and Enterprise

School: Engineering

Session: Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB)

Lead: Andy Ford, Professor of Building Systems

School: Built Environment and Architecture, LSBU

Session: CryoHub: Developing Cryogenic Energy Storage at Refrigerated Warehouses as an Interactive Hub to Integrate Renewable Energy in Industrial Food Refrigeration and to Enhance Power Grid Sustainability

Leads: Judith Evans, President of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) commission C2, LSBU and Graeme Maidment, Professor of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

School: Engineering

Session: Energy-efficient vertical transportation in high-rise buildings 

Leads: Carlos Gonzalo, Senior Lecturer, Civil & Building Services Engineering , School of Built Environment & Architecture, LSBU and Vireen Limbachiya, Senior Lecturer, Civil & Building Services Engineering

School: Built Environment & Architecture

Session: GreenSCIES - Green Smart Community Integrated Energy Systems

Leads: Cat De Almeida Marques, Research Fellow, School of Engineering, LSBU and Graeme Maidment, Professor of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

School: Engineering

Keynote speakers

Keynote Address: Utilising waste heat as a resource

Expert: Kartik Amrania, Head of Building Sustainability Department, Sweco UK

Session: Can digital technology save the world?


  • Julie Chenadec – Project Manager, Green IT Amsterdam
  • Carolina Szablewski Project Manager, WeLOOP Sustainability Consultants
  • Emma Fryer – Associate Director, Data Centres, TechUK
  • Astrid Wynne Rogers – Sustainability Manager, Techbuyer

Session Host: Dr Deborah Andrews, Associate Professor in Design and CEDaCI project lead

School: Engineering

Session: Sustainability and the nexus of the built environment and the natural environment

Leads: John Ebohon, Professor of Sustainability & Environmental Law, School of the Built Environment & Architecture, LSBU and Mitch Cooke, Director, Greengage Environmental

LSBU staff

Session: The Great Pause: Breathing art and design into environmental issues

Lead: Jasmine Pradissitto, Artist and Visiting Lecturer

School: Engineering

Session: The uses of 3D printing in a sustainable landscape e.g. using recyclable materials in construction

Lead: Federico Rossi, Academic Leader, Digital Architecture Robotics

School: Built Environment & Architecture

Session: Novel alternatives to concrete that can be used in construction

Lead: Finian McCann, Senior Lecturer, Civil & Building Services Engineering

School: Built Environment & Architecture

Session: Sustainable Architecture – the implications of sustainability on designing buildings

Lead: Todor Demirov, Senior Lecturer

School: Built Environment & Architecture

Session: Bamboo Structures: Using bamboo as an alternative material in construction

Lead: Jennifer Hardi, Course Director, BSc Architectural Engineering and BSc Architectural Technology

School: Built Environment & Architecture

Session: The use of Basalt Fibers Reinforced Polymers BFRP products in concrete structures

Lead: Rabee Shamass, Senior Lecturer in Structural Analysis

School: Built Environment & Architecture


Keynote speakers

Keynote address: How people can make climate action a part of their every day lives

Expert: Zion Lights – Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and Editor, The Hourglass

Session: The Major Issues and how communities can take more climate action - A panel discussion plus Q&A



  • Zion Lights – Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and Editor, The Hourglass
  • Councillor Graham Neale, Opposite Environment Spokesman, Southwark Council
  • Elisa Puccinelli Rebelo, Final Year Student, Product Design, LSBU
  • Andy Ford, Professor of Building Systems, School of Built Environment and Architecture, LSBU
  • Deborah Andrews, Associate Professor in Design, School of Engineering, LSBU and CEDaCI project lead

Hosted by: Thomas Empson, Sustainability Project Manager, LSBU

LSBU staff

Session: ERDF Projects – what you’ve seen and how we can work together

Lead: Ellen South, Senior Project Manager, Sustainable Innovation, Research, Enterprise and Innovation, LSBU

Session: The Great Pause : A Virtual Exhibition

Lead: Jasmine Pradissitto, Artist and Visiting Lecturer,

School: Engineering

Session: We all have a part to play in protecting the planet - but how? A look at some of the highlights and key messages of the week as well as myth-busting and practical takeaways

Lead: Jasmine Pradissitto, Artist and Visiting Lecturer, School of Engineering, LSBU

Session: Conference summary and details of what’s next in the event series 

Leads: Professor Pat Bailey, Provost, LSBU and Thomas Empson, Sustainability Project Manager, LSBU

Useful links

Carbon, Climate, Energy & Resources programme (PDF File 119 KB).

Carbon, Climate, Energy & Resources practical takeaway guide (PDF File 283 KB).