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LSBU and sustainability – beyond a 2020 vision

Moving us one step closer to net zero emissions by 2050
18 January 2021

In one of the most challenging years, both for LSBU as an institution and for the global community, we remained committed to delivering sustainable work and to make good on our promises. Under this umbrella of sustainability, both humanity and organisations have a role to play in protecting our future and ensuring the capacity of the biosphere. Across our organisation and individual teams, our incremental changes can add up to create big differences, ensuring future generations are able to meet their own development needs.

Despite COVID-19, LSBU has thrived across a number of projects in 2020. Here is a selection of our achievements, allowing us to look back while we look ahead.



The future

LSBU will be a part of the future, and we promise to keep working on being the best we can to be greener, fairer and transparent.

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