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Failure to pay

Keep up to date, as it's important you meet all your fee payment deadlines

Where tuition fee payments are required outside of loan repayments, all tuition fee payment deadlines must be adhered to. If you have any personal and/or money problems contact Student Advice. Email or call 020 7815 6454

If you fail to pay your fee by the due dates for payment you will:

  • be recorded on the Student Record System as a debtor
  • have your access to facilities withdrawn
  • have your coursework and exam marks withheld
  • have your certificates withheld
  • be refused attendance at degree ceremonies
  • have your details and information regarding your debt passed to debt collection agents employed by the university
  • be prevented from enrolling or re-enrolling with the University until the debt is paid in cleared funds
  • be excluded from the university.