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Aziz Foundation Scholarship

The Aziz Foundation Scholarship

Through a newly established Preferred Partnership agreement with the Aziz Foundation, LSBU students following certain courses of study are now able to apply to the Aziz Foundation for support. The Aziz Foundation Scholarship will cover 100/% of postgraduate tuition fees to support British Muslims aiming to study at UK universities.

The scholarships aim to attract individuals who wish to advance their careers and bring positive change to their communities and wider society. LSBU is proud to be among the Aziz Foundation’s list of Preferred Partners identified to deliver invaluable opportunities to outstanding students.

The menu of LSBU courses qualifying for Aziz Foundation Scholarship support for British Muslims students studying at postgraduate level over the 2022/23 academic cycle is as follows:

How to apply

Please apply directly via the Aziz Foundation website.

The application window is now open as follows: 1 April  –  11 July 2022

Eligibility criteria

Applicants should meet all the following requirements:

  • Be eligible for Home fees status
  • Be active within a Muslim community and demonstrate intimate knowledge of issues affecting British Muslim communities
  • Demonstrate long-term commitment to community/societal development within Britain
  • Show how the course will increase their effectiveness in one of the following areas relating to British Muslims:
    • Effective Advocacy and Enhance Public Perception – facilitating better representation and contribution of Muslims to civil society to combat Islamophobia and positively transform perceptions of British Muslims
    • Community Service and Social Development – raising the aspirations and standards within British Muslim communities

Means testing

In addition to the above, you will have to demonstrate that you would not be able to self-fund your course. The Foundation will apply the following test, using information you supply, social indicators and available data, to determine your financial means:

  • A list of the secondary school(s) you attended, which acts as an important social indicator
  • The amount of your student debt
  • Information relating to your financial circumstances on the application form, including caring responsibilities, dependents, and existing commitments
  • Whether you are the first in your family to enter Higher Education
  • We shall utilise existing government data, such as the Office for Students’ (OfS) POLAR place-generated data, which provides information on general trends on access to Higher Education and participation rates by postcode, indicating rates of social mobility and deprivation

The assessment will include some or all the means testing criteria above, variously weighted, and will contribute to the panel’s final decision on the candidate.

The scholarship application process is undertaken independently of your study application to LSBU. Both applications must be successful to receive the scholarship.

If you would like to discuss your application to the Aziz Foundation directly with LSBU, please contact us on

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