Multi-faith support

We offer dedicated spaces for religious practice and spiritual expression

LSBU is a place where you can express and explore faith both individually and in community. There are a range of opportunities available to you to help you do this.

The multi-faith support team  

The Multi-Faith Support team is a team of local Associate Chaplains who want to connect with the LSBU community and witness the presence of faith here.

Associate Chaplains can provide support from a faith perspective, bringing their lived experience of living a life of faith onto campus and offering their presence and accompaniment to others. 

They support students of all faiths or none. 

Chaplains are known as good listeners. They offer welcome and hospitality to everyone who wants this, as well as help those who want to live their faith on campus.

They also support students who are affected by bereavement or other life challenges and are happy to explore questions of faith and spirituality whilst always being respectful and open to the individual’s worldview. 

To get in touch, email

Faith communities and societies 

All Communities / Societies are registered with the Student's Union, and you can find them using this link.

You can request a new community/society by emailing

Faith spaces on campus 

There are designated spaces on each campus for prayer/quiet time:

CEH106 is set aside as a prayer room and is available for people of all faiths.

HW102 (upper floor) is set aside for personal prayer or quiet reflection. It is furnished and available for all to use.

LH017 in The Hub is a place where anyone seeking quiet is welcome. It also acts as the office for the Associate Chaplains and a space to offer hospitality and host small group meetings, so it may not always be available for personal use.

Muslim Prayer Rooms – BR-G29 (Brothers), BR-G30 (Sisters)

There are Muslim Prayer Rooms on the Southwark Campus with Wudu facilities (Brothers in BR-WC07, and Sisters in BR-G30 as part of their Prayer Room). 

The rooms - BR-G29 (Brothers) and BR-G30 (Sisters) are situated at the back of the Borough Road building.  These rooms are set up to support and enable the Muslim members of our community to pray and fulfil their daily prayer commitments. Both have shoe racks either outside the room or in the entrance area. They can accommodate a maximum of 40 people for prayer.

On a Friday, BR 357 (Sisters), and BR 360 (Brothers) are reserved between 12 noon and 3 pm to facilitate the larger number of the Muslim community on campus to attend Friday prayers. To find out more, please contact the LSBU Islamic Society (ISoc).

Faith spaces in the local area 

Check out this map highlighting faith spaces in Southwark, Croydon and Havering.