What do I need to do?

Apply to the residence you love

Once you've got an offer to study at LSBU, then you can start thinking about your London life.

Our residences are unique, great value and a ticket to some of the best years of your life. Using our Accommodation Application Services, you will have a easy to use account with all the important stuff in one place, such as:

  • Applying for accommodation
  • Checking the application progress or status
  • Accepting your offer
  • Paying your booking fee

Like what you see?

Applications open on 29 March at 10 am for academic year 2023/2024! Look forward to welcoming you in September.

It's important to us to try to accommodate everyone as best as possible, so try to give as much information as you can on the application from, including any health or wellbeing conditions that may affect how you are allocated. Please ensure you complete all the tick boxes and text boxes.

Apply Now

Top Tips when you start your application: help us help you!

  • If you are joining in September, make sure you have selected the right year – 2023/2024
  • Make sure you pick the right agreement length – is it 37 or 48 weeks you need? – check your course details! A simple tip, if you are on a non-health care course you will need a 37 week lease length. For all health care associated courses you will need to select 48 weeks as you arrive earlier and likely to go on placement extending the lease length
  • In the additional information and preferences section – disclose as much information about yourself (medical, disability, anything relevant to your allocation etc). Please ensure you fill in all the boxes!
  • Remember: You can ask to live with friends but this is not guaranteed.

The allocation process

The allocation process will commence on 17th April 2023 to continuing students and 5th May 2023 to 1st year full time students, and will continue on a rolling basis every 2 weeks until  September 2023 until the rooms have been accepted and allocated, based on the criteria listed in our Accommodation Allocation policy 

Once you've found a place you love, go ahead and apply, and our team will get back to you within a week with the outcome of your application.

Accommodation letting periods 2022/2023
Letting period UK, EU & International start date End date
37 Week Saturday 23rd September 2023 Sunday 9th June 2024
48 Week Saturday 9th September 2023Sunday 11th August 2024

What if my course offer is conditional?

Things are a little different with conditional course offers compared to unconditional offers. In practice, some students may have to wait until August to have their accommodation application accepted (once they have received their results), but don't worry - the Accommodation team will keep you updated on the status of your application.

How do I accept?

All you have to do is accept your accommodation offer through the Online Accommodation Application System

You will be asked for an advanced payment of £300 when you accept the offer which will be taken off your final term's instalment

You're all set - next stop? South London

Returning students

Continuing students

Good News!

We recognise how important it is to have stability as you continue to study at LSBU, therefore you can apply from the 29 March 2023 and be treated as a priority as long as we have received your application by the 16 April 2023. Any applications received after that time will go in the poll with 1st year applications and your choice will be limited.

Continuing students who want to re-apply for their accommodation can visit the returning students page for details  or go your accommodation portal and apply.

As you are aware LSBU do not allocate on ‘first come first served’ but allocates on the priority order identified in section 2 of the LSBU Accommodation Allocation Policy (PDF File 593 KB).

Applications will not be accepted if you have:

  • Been the subject of disciplinary action whilst previously living in an LSBU residence
  • A history of bad debt whilst previously living in an LSBU residence

What should I bring with me?

We do not provide bed linen, towels, cooking utensils (pans etc), plates or knives and forks. You can bring these with you, buy them locally or shop online for essential items through UniKitOut. Their online shop offers 'essentials' packs with bedding, towels, crockery and cooking utensils delivered to your halls before you arrive.

Top tips

  • Remember you are arriving in September, so leave the summer beach gear at home and think more Autumn/Winter wardrobe.
  • Remember all your ID and important documents as you will need this at uni as well as for things like signing up to the doctor and proof of age at the pub,
  • Remember your room is only so big and storage a little limited so you wont need beanbags, all your teddy collection and every memento from home.
  • Go food shopping when you arrive once you have check out the kitchen – just bring teabags and cake to share with your new flatmates.


Whichever residence you pick, you residence fee is always fully inclusive and will cover the cost of all utilities, including hot water, heating and lighting. That also means insurance for basic possessions is included, as well as a fully equipped bedroom, bathroom and security features.

Further information on what is covered can be found at the Endsleigh Insurance website or by contacting our Accommodation Service .


Each residence has a number of support contacts that you can get in touch with to voice any concerns you might have, so don't be afraid to reach out for any reason, however big or small you think it is.

Accommodation Services are supported by a team of Residence Community Ambassadors, who can also provide guidance and information about life at the University.

Feeling homesick, anxious, lonely or just want a chat?

Thrive is our Residential Wellbeing Team based in Halls and are here to offer support and guidance during the day evenings should you need it. They're available all year round at variable times (advertised weekly on out Instagram page) and they really will help make that difference when you need it.

They work closely with the LSBU Mental Health and Wellbeing Service and always know when to get you the right support at the right time!

Your health and wellbeing is our first priority, and the university offers different kinds of help. We are here for you.

To contact the University’s Health and Wellbeing Team

Additional services

Students with disabilities

The University has a number of bedrooms adapted for students with disabilities. If you need adaptations or adjustments made to your accommodation, contact the Accommodation team.

Students with a disability can also contact the Disability and Dyslexia Support team for advice on 020 7815 6454 or email disability@lsbu.ac.uk.

Private accommodation
If you'd prefer to rent privately, the Accommodation Service has information and guides to help.
Couples/families/single parents
The University does not have suitable accommodation on campus for couples or single parents. However, the Accommodation Service can provide private accommodation lists.

Contact us

If you need any information regarding your hall or Residence please email or call:

McLaren House
Email: mclaren@lsbu.ac.uk or call reception 020 7815 7360

Dante Road
Email: dante@lsbu.ac.uk or call reception 020 7815 7088

David Bomberg House
Email: bomberg@lsbu.ac.uk or call reception 020 7815 7380

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