Thando Ngoasheng discusses her music career and LSBU Accounting and Finance studies

Music artist and LSBU Accounting and Finance student, Thando Ngoasheng, grew up in Sunninghill, Johannesburg and has been singing since she was 13. Her recently released EP, 'Alive Again', speaks of heartache, hardship and overcoming toxic relationships.

How do you juggle studying with music?

As much as I would love to say that I am balancing everything well - it isn’t 100% true. I am doing the best that I can but it’s difficult having to choose which side to prioritize. I love my course and I love music and so finding time for both of those things isn’t easy. I’m slowly but surely getting to a point where I am able to balance them perfectly but I know, as much I wish it would, it definitely isn’t going to happen over night.

How was the transition from Johannesburg to London?

To be honest, it hasn’t been easy. In some ways London is exactly the same as Joburg but in many ways it is the direct opposite. I’ve always lived in a big city, so London wasn’t difficult to adjust to - but because I was thrown into this big city with no one I knew from Johannesburg, it took a lot longer than expected to settle in and find my own feet. I’m so lucky to stay in university accommodation where it becomes easier to make friends and gives me my own taste of “home” in the UK. London has quickly become one of my favourite places in the world and I think i’ll find it very difficult to leave!

Was your most recent project inspired by any of your experiences in London?

In a way, it definitely was. The three months that I was here before the pandemic hit were some of the best times of my life! The whole project is about overcoming all of those hardships that came with the pandemic, overcoming toxic relationships, finding yourself and going back to being in love with just being alive.

Are you a part of any LSBU societies?

I’m part of the African Caribbean Society, as well as the Events and Planning Society.

Why did you choose to study Accounting and Finance?

I know it sounds a bit crazy but I love Accounting! It’s something I’ve enjoyed doing since I started doing it in High School. It’s definitely proven to be a lot more difficult in university but I still enjoy studying it. It’s also really handy because I’ll be able to understand where my finances are going when managing my own music business.

What is a benefit of studying Accounting and Finance at LSBU that not many people know about?

The placement opportunities that the University offers are so incredible! We have access to placements in the NHS, in the top 4 Accounting Firms and so many more. I think it’s something that is so helpful in becoming used to working in the professional world and creating working relationships that are beneficial after you leave university.

Where do you see yourself in the future? What are your goals?

Winning Grammy’s, going to Met Gala’s, touring stadiums and just being at peace.

Where can people find your music?

My sophomore EP called ‘Alive Again’ is out on all streaming platforms! You can browse around for all my other music as well. I hope you love the project, and I hope you fall in love with being alive again.


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