Since studying at LSBU, Emilia Rulkduska is confident about her future career prospects

Emilia, originally from Poland, was working as a dental practice nurse. However, passionate about helping people and wanting to work in a hospital-based setting, she decided to move fields and train as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP).

The course lasted for two years, and although Emilia found it challenging – especially as English is not her native tongue, it made it all the more satisfying after completing the course. "The language barrier was a huge challenge for me, but somehow I finished with some of the best grades in our class."

Life as an ODP

ODP's play an important part of the operating department team, working with surgeons, anaesthetists and theatre nurses to help ensure every operation is as safe and effective as possible.

The ODP's role involves the application of theory to practice in a variety of clinical settings. They need a broad knowledge and skills base, including management and communication skills and are involved with the assessment, delivery and evaluation of peri-operative care.

Emilia comments, "I'd definitely recommend it for people who want to work in a hospital. It's probably not for you if you are unsure about it, because it's a challenging job and very stressful. But I also found it very rewarding."


Now, Emilia is working at Royal Hospital in Whitechapel as an ODP. She believes the opportunity to be placed in a hospital was greatly enhanced by LSBU's strong connections with various London hospitals.

An amazing thing about the course is the University organises you a placement in a hospital. Once there, and you show the staff  that you are really good, then there are prospects of getting a job.

Many students are kept on at the hospitals they are placed at, which explains why everyone who completed the course with Emilia found relevant employment quickly in ODP.

Emilia is now confident about her future career prospects. "You definitely don't have to stay in one job now. There are options for you to go elsewhere, such as into the private sector where there are many opportunities."

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