Robots may not be taking your job but technology is changing legal careers – make sure you stay ahead of the curve with LSBU Law

Even before the arrival of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools, lawyers have been waking up to the huge impact that technology is having on access to justice, the delivery of legal services and careers in law (see this blog).

The Law Society foresees a decline in some legal jobs, whilst the foremost expert in the field, Professor Richard Susskind in his book Tomorrow’s Lawyers predicts many new roles for law graduates. In his book, he identifies LSBU as 1 of only 5 law schools in the UK who have impressed him with their engagement with legal technology and the future of legal services. We can help you be ready for the future. For the last six years, LSBU Law has been at the forefront of teaching LawTech skills in the UK. We at LSBU teach modern LawTech skills to law students and computing students, putting them into groups and asking them to design access to justice resources for real clients, including lawyers working in our Legal Advice Clinic. We work with lawyers at the forefront of these developments, such as Alex Hamilton, CEO of Radiant Law and the pioneering development team at access social care, who have built the legal chat bot Alice. Out student projects include building a racism reporting tool for a local charity, The Monitoring Group. If you are interested in Law & Technology, careers in law and other current legal news, you can get regular updates on Twitter @lsbu_law. Law and Technology is an option in the LLB as well as in the LLM Legal Practice (SQE). Join us to stay ahead of the curve and we hope to see you soon!

Book cover of Tomorrow Lawyers

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