Mature student Dan Morton makes a new start in social work

Initially, straight out of school, Dan didn't think higher education was for him. But after gaining experience in the workplace, developing his skillset and his confidence, Dan was ready to return.

New start

A couple of years after leaving school, Dan found himself in the Civil Service as an administrator and manager, where he spent seven years. Although he found the work enjoyable, getting the opportunity to be a trade union steward and gaining more self-belief, he wanted a change.

"After examining my skills and experience I felt I wanted to have more of a direct role in contributing to society than I was doing as a government official. Having had the privilege to spend some time travelling I decided that working with communities was for me and that now was the time to make a career change."

New insights

Social workers work with people from different cultures, experiences and walks of life. Therefore, Dan found his time at LSBU more than just enjoyable personally; he also believed it would make him a better social worker for it.

I like the fact that the University is not an elitist institution; one of LSBU's great strengths is the diversity of its student base. I think the opportunity at LSBU to meet and gain insights from a wide range of people would outstrip what I might experience in many other higher education institutions. The range of people from different backgrounds I have met forces you to consider the world from new perspectives. That is a very healthy thing!

New experiences

As a mature student, Dan made sure he made the most of his time at LSBU, getting involved in the People and Planet Society, and as a student representative on the Sustainable Development Group. Dan recommends the Students' Union as a good place to start making friends and broadening horizons.

In particular, Dan loved the location of LSBU. "It is fantastically well situated to get to all of the attractions central London holds, with very local highlights including Borough Market and The Old Vic theatre. The range of opportunities available to you living in London are vast. The history of the city and its significance to the world is mind-blowing. London has it all – apart from a permanent beach but look out for the temporary ones that appear in summer!" Read more about our location

Dan now believes he will be able to build on the time he spent at LSBU and the personal development he has enjoyed by becoming a competent social work practitioner remaining in front-line service for a long time.


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