Mary John Williams - BA (Hons) Business Management with Human Resources.

What led to you studying your chosen course? 

I developed a strong passion for my course, especially for human resources when I did a placement within the NHS.

Why did you choose LSBU? 

I chose LSBU because I fell in love with the university the first time I came for the open day. The reception and presentation on that day was superb, and the location was excellent for me.

What is the highlight of your career so far? Has there been a particular project or achievement that you would like to tell us about?

LSBU has been an inspiration to me and the university has shown me that I can become whoever I want to be and I can achieve my purpose, as long as I stay focussed. It has given me a huge amount of confidence, and I am so proud to be an alumnus of LSBU.

How do you think LSBU prepared you for your career?

LSBU has really prepared me for my career, especially during my placement. When I came for the open day, I met with a particular lecturer (Helen Ismael) and my encounter with her really changed my life for good. After the presentations by different lecturers on that day, I met with her and during the course of our discussion, I discovered that I could do a combined course that could boost my career in future.

With the help of the employability department at the university, I was able to secure a year placement as an HR Assistant at St Georges University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. From there, my passion for HR increased, as I was able to understand what HR entails. I developed so many skills I never knew I could have and my knowledge in HR became wider. I became more focussed because I was working in a real-world environment. Moreover, throughout the one year, I spent on my placement, the university was always in touch and I was constantly engaged with my coursework. This opportunity was invaluable to me and it really boosted my career progression.

What advice would you give others entering into your profession or line of work?

My advice for anyone aspiring to, or who wishes to go into my profession is to go for it with a passion, because it is a profession you can use to get job in any organisation after your studies, either in the private or public sector. It commands respect because the HR department is like the ‘engine’ of every organisation, it is the focal centre.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

I am going to do my Masters (Postgraduate) immediately, starting in September 2023 and I will probably take a part-time job for 12 months until I am able to go into the full labour market.

What is your best memory of studying at LSBU?

My best memory of studying at LSBU was in my final year of studies. I went on a year placement, and it was when I came back in my last year that I was able to connect with friends and colleagues. This last academic year at LSBU was brilliant fun and I didn’t want the semester to come to an end because of the friendships that I have made.

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