Lina Maria - MA Editing and Post-Production

I currently work as an Online Edit Assistant, where I help with all things editing. This involves making sure the final image is of high quality, adding subtitles, credits and titles and online editing before the video is published. The traditional route to working in editing is to start as a runner, then you move into an edit assistant offline, then edit assistant online then you can work as a colour grader. As I knew before I graduated that I wanted to work in colour grading (an aspect of editing) the first step was getting a runner job.

My Master’s degree was really useful for helping me get a job. It prepares you for what you will be facing in the industry. At LSBU we had access to all the software & tools you need for the industry. In particular I was able to use Avid - an editing software - that most companies use which was enormously helpful for getting a job as a runner. I also used my time at university to make friends in the sector and build my network.

It’s a unique opportunity to be surrounded by people who share your interest and also want to work in the same area as you. You will work on group projects at university, and this is a great time to build a network across all elements of technical production. That way if you need help later in your career then you have people you can call on. My top tip for university would be to take what you learn from the lessons, then keep practicing them outside of lessons so you are always expanding your skills. Also always check the modules before picking a university. I knew I wanted to work as a colour grader and LSBU offered a colour grading module so I knew it was the best course for me. I started building my experience by working as a freelancer on student films.

Being at university people are always making student films and this is a great place to start to gain experience. Make sure you know what you want, and you can articulate this to people who ask. Finding experience is a lot easier when you know what you want, and you can ask people directly for help.

I didn’t wait for applications to appear, but instead approached companies to see if they had any jobs going. Make it clear you are looking for work as a runner - it shows you understand how the role progression works. Once you are in, you need to talk to everyone. Make sure everyone at the company knows what you want to do and talk to people in the kitchen at work. Everyone in the industry is super friendly, you just have to put yourself out there!


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