Kris Wojcik- BA (Hons) Marketing

Where are you from and which course did you choose to study? 

I’m from Poland, and I moved to London in 2016. I studied BA (Hons) Marketing, and I chose Channel Manager, Direct and Digital Communication Manager, and International Marketing as my elective modules.

Putting my experience to good use

The thing I liked most about my course was getting hands-on experience and real-life case studies. During my course, I had many opportunities to apply the curriculum to real marketing problems companies are facing.

Tell us about the software that you have been using and any new skills that you have learned on your degree?

During university, we had to learn HubSpot as a part curriculum. Additionally, I attended elective Tableau and Python courses. The majority of courses across the country will teach you collaboration, teamwork etc. Unique skills that LSBU taught me were data analysis, creative marketing, and holistic marketing management which can open doors to every area of marketing.

Where are you working now and what is your role?

I now work at HockeyStack as a Growth Manager. It’s a software startup, and I’m focused on marketing and growth activities leading to customer acquisition, product activation and adoption. I love the product we sell and their approach to markeing, and even before graduating university I knew that I would end up at this company sooner or later. As it’s a (multi-million) startup, my favorite part of the job is having an impact. If I have a viable idea, this idea will become reality within a few days. I have a huge ownership of tasks, and I can see how they affect our revenue.

More than just a degree?

During the course, we had guest speakers that work in marketing coming to tell us about what they do. I decided upon my chosen career path after a lecture with one of the guest speakers. The university has a public speaking club, language courses, trips, and plenty of extra-curricular activities that you can participate in.

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying at LSBU?

If you are looking for a university that will arm you with skills and knowledge that will get you a job in the industry in the future, LSBU is the place for you. The best thing about my experience at LSBU was learning from industry experts, and applying the concepts that I learned in a practical way, instead of only reading about it.

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