Jamie Foster- Post Production Technical operator Apprenticeship

Where are you from and which course did you choose to study?

I moved to London from Walsall, West Midlands, and I studied the ‘Post Production Technical Operator’ Apprenticeship course.

Cultural surprises

Stepping away from Sixth Form, it was an extremely insightful experience to see what LSBU had to offer. The facilities are absolutely jam-packed with everything you need, and the tutors are here for you, your development, and will support you continuously. LSBU has some of the most up-to-date pieces of tech and offer a great experience learning new software.

Putting my experience to good use

The prospect of gaining hands-on production experience within one of the most amazing industries was a dream. After completing my sixth-form studies, I was fortunate enough to undertake this apprenticeship course, whilst also completing work placements facilitated by Amazon Prime & Screenskills. My initial knowledge was extremely limited, and I had only explored editing & post-production within my own time. This course not only prepared me for the industry and its expectations, but it also provided me with extremely valuable technical certifications that boost your CVs visibility and support your career journey. The tutors are professionals who are actively working in the industry and have a huge wealth of knowledge to share.

Your current role and what it’s like

I currently work as a Freelance Edit Assistant at Molinare, which is a leading Post Production company that has delivered some of the most amazing productions. I am very fortunate to work with some of the most experienced and well-known talent within the industry. LSBU provided me with extremely useful knowledge and experiences that allow me to flourish in my role. As an Edit Assistant, I collaborate with Editors, Artists, Producers & Production teams on a daily basis. Particularly in my role, I really enjoy the challenge that comes with solving all the technical nuisances that occur. Whether I am under the pressure of a Production Team, who are daunting their eyes upon you while you fix away, having had tutoring on Avid Media Composer on-site by specialists, LSBU have provided me all the confidence I need in my knowledge to tackle any technical issue ahead.

More than just a degree?

Working and studying simultaneously is no easy feat. However, it is an experience worthwhile – gaining hands-on experience and building your wealth of knowledge is hugely advantageous and valuable. Film & TV is a notoriously tough industry, and this course will provide you an extra level of visibility when it comes to your career. This course expands beyond the confines of its contents; the tutors, peers and all the staff are long-term connections that will support you in your next steps. I learnt many lessons during this course and my most valuable advice is to take every moment, every experience, and every opportunity you can to learn. I have worked on some of the most amazing productions in my first year of my career, namely ‘Louis Theroux: Interviews’ and various theatricals, such as ‘One Life’. You can too – and this course will prepare you for that.

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying at LSBU?

My biggest recommendation is to just ‘go for it’. Whether you’re new to the industry, just completed sixth-form or even hold a degree. Knowledge and training in Film & TV can be very hard to come across and sometimes reserved. LSBU provides a structured set of training, whether virtually or onsite, and try to accommodate to individuals needs where possible. This course was particularly great at supporting individuals with little to no knowledge and did not discriminate whether you held a degree or had already been working for 10+ years. It is important you attend lectures and truly reflect on the knowledge gained, as it will only support your own growth. Finally, do ask questions. The tutors are professionals who have an abundance of experience that they’re ready to share. If you want to step in-to Post Production, the opportunity is at your door step. And remember, don’t doubt yourself… just go for it!

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