IDA WIELGUS-KULIG, MSC CRIMINOLOGY AND SOCIAL RESEARCH METHODS: "I know that LSBU will play a significant role in further developing my passion"

As Ida Wielgus-Kulig came to the end of her BSc (Hons) Criminology, there was no doubt in her mind that the best place to continue her studies was where she already was – here at LSBU.

"I'd really enjoyed the cultural diversity and the academic environment here," explains Ida. "It really encouraged critical thinking, and I'd had such a positive experience here. I'd studied really stimulating modules, but the thing that perhaps stood out the most was the dedication and the knowledge of the academic staff. I knew I could expect group discussions and critical debates that would help me to shape by own ideas – I just couldn't imagine a better place to study."

Extra-curricular activities

After excelling at undergraduate level – winning the Course Director's Prize for Outstanding Achievement and graduating with First Class Honours – Ida was accepted onto our MSc Criminology and Research Methods degree. Having made the most of extra-curricular activities and opportunities at undergraduate level, she continues to do so as a postgraduate.  

"As an undergraduate I was a member of the Criminology Society, which I absolutely loved," she recalls. "I worked with other students and took part in numerous conferences that furthered my knowledge in the area."

Considerable knowledge

Her experiences outside of her studies are certainly continuing to add to Ida's considerable knowledge of criminology in a variety of ways. "I work for the South West London Law Centres, organising and running pro-bono legal clinics. I worked there throughout my undergraduate degree too, to help fund my studies," she says. "As a Victim Support Officer I also run a drop-in clinic at Aylesbury Housing Office, for victims of crime. I offer practical advice and emotional support, and facilitate referrals to other agencies."

Professional experiences

Ida can see how her professional experiences have helped her CV to stand out, and she is keen to make sure other students follow in her footsteps to make the most of the extra opportunities that studying in the heart of London can offer. "I take part in the Careers and Employability events as a volunteer panel member," says Ida. "I was invited to do so by Dr Cait Beaumont and I really enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences with my fellow students."

Unfinished business

Having studied with LSBU at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, Ida is now considering studying for her PhD in Criminology. "I just feel I still have unfinished business in the subject," she says, "so I want to continue studying and conduct research in a professional capacity. I know that LSBU will play a significant role in further developing my passion for academia."

Studying here, you feel constantly encouraged to strive for your goals. The confidence you develop in yourself and your work gives you the capacity to push yourself harder until all of your goals have been achieved. LSBU has undoubtedly given me the motivation to pursue my dream of further academic study.


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