Dylan Hamilton - (BA) Hons Business Management

My name is Dylan Hamilton (Alumni, class of 23) and I'm from Northern Ireland although I now live in London after graduating from my course at LSBU: Business Management with Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. I moved to London from a little village outside of the village of Strabane on the west side of Northern Ireland. The thing I liked most about my course was the practical elements of thinking, debating and writing as if you were in industry. Assignments were predominantly reports so you took a case study and had to really think about your theories and apply them astutely.

Your current role and what it’s like

I now work at Palladium Digital (consultancy firm) as an analyst. The thing I am most enjoying about my job is 100% learning from the people there. I'm on a grad program and the people at Palladium are what makes them tick. They are the best people to work with. Everyday I go to work, I'm sure to learn so much. I did a placement year during my degree at With Intelligence, a data, events and information-providing business. My placement helped me gain the experience I needed by giving me a strong understanding of the financial sector whilst communicating with the most senior-level executives of some of the biggest firms in the world such as J.P. Morgan. I got to attend events and spent time marketing them in a team through emails and social media so I got a great understanding of how the real working world operates and how my degree was attributed to it.

What advice would you give to people thinking about studying at LSBU?

The advice I would give to someone who is thinking about studying at LSBU is that they are a university that cares about what happens after you graduate. You don't come here and get the Oxbridge experience of spending all your time reading books and writing essays. You get to talk to people and exchange ideas whilst getting a first-hand experience of theoretically analysing businesses and how they work.

More than just a degree?

Aside from your course, the university has some exciting clubs such as Formula Student where you compete against unis from around the world either building the formula 1 style racing car as an engineer or getting involved within the business and marketing team to help pitch a business plan at Silverstone. We were the best at London University in 2023. The best thing about my experience at LSBU was truly through the friends I made. I will forever cherish and be friends with them forever. I have a network to last a lifetime and people I have and will continue to learn more from day by day.


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