Daniel Hagan - Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control

My time on the Acoustics and Noise Control Diploma has been extremely beneficial to my current role in Acoustic Consultancy. It has provided me with useful, in-depth knowledge that I’ve been able to use on a day-to-day basis in my job role and other positions I have held in consultancy.

Within a few weeks of enrolling on the Diploma, I felt my knowledge and expertise had increased substantially across multiple areas of acoustics, due to the wide range of facilities available. The friendliness of all the staff on the course made it easy for me to raise any questions if I needed further support during my studies. Access to the Moodle Learning Platform was incredibly useful, which helped list all literature that was relevant to help assist and prepare me for both coursework and exams across the different modules. I always felt in the loop with any upcoming deadlines and always felt prepared across all modules.

Access to industry-standard equipment throughout the laboratory module was a particular highlight, with the weekly workshops furthering my understanding of a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers. Access to the anechoic chamber at London South Bank University (LSBU) also provided me with the opportunity to conduct a wide range of interesting experiments. I was able to experience different acoustic phenomena first-hand and undertake data analysis in my own time to further understand the exercises, which in turn helped improve the quality of my coursework. Throughout the final few months of the diploma, I was able to use all facilities and equipment as part of my Final Project module to produce a piece of work that encapsulated all my time on the course.

As I undertook my weekly studies on campus at LSBU, I was constantly surrounded by students who were at various levels within the industry. Throughout the year, I would see fellow students gaining employment from all types of acoustic-based companies, ranging from general consultancy to more specialist areas. Since graduation, I have stayed in touch with many friends on the course, who each share their different experiences within the industry.

Overall, I would highly recommend the diploma to anyone who wants to progress their career in acoustics. I have seen first-hand how well-regarded the course is and the increased likelihood of employment once completed.

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