Amine Dahimene, Alumnus, Internet and Multimedia Engineering

LSBU appealed to me because of its atmosphere and multicultural community. I knew this was an environment in which I could learn and excel. The resources and facilities on offer are second-to-none and are always available to students.

A big factor for me was its south London location - and the commute!

I had great experiences with students and LSBU staff. All my lecturers were friendly and open to questions or enquiries. In the years since I graduated, I’ve kept in touch with lots of alumni via LinkedIn and Facebook – it’s great to see what they’ve achieved.

Life at LSBU was incredibly flexible. I could schedule my timetable to factor in work placements, networking and other opportunities to help enhance my skillset.

Managing stress

My course in Internet and Multimedia Engineering was the first of its kind in the UK. It set the standard for universities teaching internet technology, web development, website building and developing software using various programming languages.

During my second year, I completed a month-long placement with Cerillion to help improve my programming skills and gain industry experience. It was a difficult course, but when it got tough, I didn’t allow myself to become stressed, but I attribute that to having great teachers available to answer all my questions and help me throughout my projects.

I remember time during my first year, I discovered that I was dyslexic, a learning difficulty I knew little about. Having gone through school with my dyslexia undiagnosed, I was incredibly lucky to be at a university with a specialist department to help and support me with it.

Whilst it was a difficult time for me, I can see that my dyslexia played a big role in my success, in part because it fostered my ambition and helped me to look at things differently.

My course prepared me well for working life and I found my first job very quickly, a role at a digital marketing agency called Wisechoice. Luckily my expertise and ability to program in a certain language were exactly what they were looking for.

Understanding how the internet works and developing websites is what I’ve always wanted to do. My passion for the industry motivates me to go the extra mile and drives me to excel in my career.

LSBU opened so many doors for me and it led me to a job I love. Today, I am an established SEO consultant with over 10 years of experience in the digital arena.

Think and act boldly

It’s important to give back to the university that gave me so much, I’d like to train or mentor a graduate with an idea or business plan they want to execute. I can help them to develop a digital strategy and advise them in their business’ growth. I’m also happy to offer an SEO training session and teach about growing an online business. I have the knowledge and experience so it’s my duty to share it.

It’s a privilege to be part of LSBU Alumni. The ability to connect and network with other members and help encourage students to make a difference is a great opportunity. My advice to current LSBU students is to think big and act boldly. The greatest thing in this world is not where we are, but the direction in which we are moving.

I want my legacy to be as the leading expert in digital strategy. Particularly when it comes to helping brands grow their online presence and advise them on their digital strategy or transformation."

If you would like to contact Amine you can find him on Twitter @aminedahimene or LinkedIn


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