Alumnus Jonathon Power now Risk Management Partner in KPMG in Melbourne

Jonathon is now a Risk Management Partner at KPMG in Melbourne, Australia specialising in financial modelling and working for clients in the UK, Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.

Benefitting from the LSBU experience

Jonathon chose LSBU for a number of reasons, "I graduated from LSBU in 1997 after three very enjoyable years studying for a BA in Accounting and Finance. I chose LSBU because the staff I met prior to enrolling impressed me; the location – being so close to the city was a major bonus; and the course gave the best exemptions from the ACCA qualification."

Excellent grounding

Jonathon found that the skills he gained from the course enabled his career to progress quickly, "My studies at LSBU provided me with an excellent grounding in accounting which allowed me to progress rapidly through the early stages of my career. Many of my colleagues had non-accounting degrees and my specialist knowledge allowed me to leapfrog many of them."

A head start

Jonathon enjoyed his experience at LSBU, "When I look back, the things I enjoyed most at LSBU were its cultural diversity – making friends from countries which were previously just places on a map to me; playing rugby for LSBU; and the feeling of being challenged to perform at my highest level by the lecturers."

He credits the course for his successful career, "Thanks to the head start my degree gave me, my career has progressed very well at KPMG and I'm now based in Melbourne Australia. Almost ten years after graduating, some of my closest friends are people I met at LSBU and we often talk about how much we enjoyed our time there."


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