A course that allows you to explore both stage and film performance

Amy Louise Jones describes her experience of living and learning in London, and taking advantage of LSBU’s networking opportunities and proximity to great theatre experiences.

I chose LSBU for its great location.

I came to an Open Day with my dad and as soon as we saw this area of London and the Southwark campus, I knew this was where I wanted to be. In London there are so many opportunities to see good theatre and LSBU is in such a central location. It’s also a friendly, welcoming environment.

There’s a lot of flexibility built into this course.

I always knew I wanted to perform on stage and this course explores lots of different ways to do that. But we also have the opportunity to work with the film students and perform on film. That’s the main reason I chose Acting and Performance—it allows you to explore both.

Some courses I’ve heard of are quite directive—you’re given scenes and told how to explore them. Here you’re asked: how do you want to do this character? How do you want to set this scene? We’re given very free rein and that’s one of the things I enjoy most about studying here.

While the focus of the course is performance, there’s a lot of collaboration. We have an input into each other’s work, to help each other be the best we can be. This way of studying and working together creates incredibly strong ties between the drama students. You really get to know and trust each other.

We have great facilities and lots of practical work.

My typical week might include a two-hour lecture, but generally the course is very interactive. I’m studying classical acting this term and have a weekly five-hour practical session with other students and my tutor in a studio, plus another full day of practical training. This week we spent an hour rolling and screaming, becoming a completely different person to ourselves—it strips away your inhibitions and was fun and enlightening.

The Edric Theatre is LSBU's own, fully equipped on-site theatre where we can stage performances for a live audience of our family, friends, other students and the public. There are also rehearsal studios that you can book whenever you want, and there are always tutors around to help you out and offer advice.

In London we’re surrounded by great opportunities to expand our horizon.

There are lots of opportunities to go and see things and get involved in theatre outside of LSBU. Our tutors regularly message us about performances taking place in London and where we can get half-price tickets.

They also have great contacts and bring in professionals from outside the university to participate in tutorials or help us with specific aspects of acting.

If I could meet myself at that first Open Day…

… I would tell myself to remember to have fun and to enjoy the whole experience. There’s so much here to enjoy, from the work to the friendships to London itself.


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