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Transitions from acute hospital wards to sub-acute or community healthcare services

This study investigated transitions for frail, older people from hospital wards to community hospitals or community-based healthcare services

This research was conducted using a qualitative case study approach, within an NHS Trust that had vertically integrated acute hospital and community care services and developed pathways for integrated care.

The project commenced in 2012 and will be completed in 2013. It has been carried out by academics from our School of Health and Social Care who are carrying out research under the theme of Health and Social Care Delivery in the Division of Adult Nursing and Midwifery. Members of the project team from LSBU include Prof Lesley Baillie, Dr Andrew Gallini, Rachael Corser, Gina Elworthy, Ann Scotcher and Annabelle Barrand.

The funding body for this project is the South Central Strategic Health Authority.