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Role-play with service users as a method of learning

This small user-led project from London South Bank University explored whether service user involvement in role play is beneficial to students learning

Previous research by Nina Hallett has already looked at what the lecturers and the service users think. At the continuation of this project, the students explained how they viewed the process; how the role play is implemented in the classroom and how the students viewed the role of the service user.

This internally-funded project also drew some conclusions from triangulating the views of the lecturers, the students and the service users. Students participated in focus groups at different stages of their educational journey.

This project commenced in 2012. It was carried out by academics from our School of Health and Social Care who are carrying out research under the theme of Health and Social Care Delivery.

Members of the project team from LSBU included Markella Boudioni and Tina Burke. The other project member was Nina Hallett. To find out more about other academics search our People Finder.