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Ralitsa Nenova, BA (Hons) Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Management, part-time study,direct application

For LSBU tourism student, Ralitsa Nenova, applying through Clearing gave her the second chance she needed to get a degree by studying on a part-time basis

"I want to develop a career within the event industry," explains Ralitsa. "I am already working in the marketing field, which is a great first step. I was studying my first degree at another university but wasn't able to finish it for personal reasons. This time I decided to study part-time. I saw that many of LSBU's courses have part-time options."

Not all courses are the same

One of the things that caught Ralitsa's attention about the LSBU course was the field trips it offered. Many of LSBU's urban, environment and leisure students have the opportunity to experience field trips and depending on the course, students can spend five days in the Netherlands examining Dutch regeneration or looking at planning issues in Wales.

"I've already been on my first field trip and I am very impressed by the importance that has been given to this trip as an essential part of our studies," says Ralitsa. "It gives you valuable experience and knowledge of your chosen field that you are definitely going to need on your way to developing your professional career."

Ralitsa also believes that field trips are a major factor that make her believe LSBU is the right place for everyone seeking personal development. "I've been taught teamwork, closeness and been built as an individual, becoming part of a group with similar goals. At the same time, your personal opinion is appreciated in a very positive way."

The future can be Clearing

Having successfully completed her first year, Ralitsa is looking forward to returning to class in September – and encourages people who think they have missed out on getting a degree to apply through Clearing.

"I can confirm it definitely was the right decision," she says. "I have already met some incredible people and had an amazing first-year experience. There is nothing better than learning from a professional who is passionate about what they teach and passing on not only academic information, but also personal life experience."

Ralitsa is confident she has the potential to achieve a lot with the help of LSBU and her own ambition and curiosity.