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People living with HIV in Brent PCT

The project was a point prevalence audit for 2011 of the number of people in Brent with HIV with one or more co-morbidity

This project explored the sociodemographic differences among people in Brent with HIV with one or more co-morbidity. Data were collected from a range of local HIV services for a total of 982 patients. Results identified that 29% of PLWHA in Brent have at least one co-morbidity, which was more likely in male, older and White patients (except for diabetes which was more common in Asian groups).

Hepatitis was most common, followed by CVD, although mental health issues were also common. This work will inform future commissioning of HIV services in the area.

Project personnel

The project commenced in 2012 and was completed in 2013. It was been carried out by academics from our School of Health and Social Care who are carrying out research under the theme of Community and Public Health. The funding body for this project is the Brent PCT. 

Dr Ava Lorenc was involved in this project from LSBU. To find out more about this academic, visit our People Finder.