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Patients with Spinal Cord Injury

Develop, test and refine an instrument to help nurses caring for spinally injured patients

The overall aim of this study was to develop, test and refine an instrument with practical utility, that would enable nurses caring for spinally injured patients to accurately assess and record their patients' emotional status on a regular basis.

The objectives were to: establish the validity and reliability of the assessment instrument; undertake utility testing of the instrument in terms of its accessibility, practicability and acceptability to those involved in its administration; and consider the applicability of the instrument to other care settings as an avenue for future research.

The need for the instrument

By way of rationale, individuals who have sustained a spinal cord injury can experience strong emotions and abrupt variations in their emotional state.

Thus the development of a valid, reliable assessment instrument for regular and accurate emotional assessment will enable spinal cord injury care teams to deliver more responsive patient care.

This project commenced in 2011 and is due to complete in 2013. It has been carried out by academics from our School of Health and Social Care who are carrying out research under the theme of Health and Social Care Delivery.

The funding body for this project is the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.

LSBU staff member Prof. Marcantonio Spada is the sole researcher for this project. To find out more about other academics search our People Finder.