However, he was keen to pursue his true passion, film-making, which made studying at LSBU a great choice thanks to our outstanding reputation within the film industry and our location.

Being so close to the media epicentre of London was a big part of the decision-making process. The British Film Institute and the artistic culture of the South Bank is just a short walk away from campus, which I thought would be a great way to complement my studies

Nic Sanchez

Changing aspirations

Initially keen to become a video editor, Nic applied to the BA (Hons) Film Practice course due to the heavy emphasis on film-making. "Modules like Editing and Montage and Narrative Short Film sounded like they would give me plenty of opportunity to accomplish my goals," says Nic, "and those opportunities were certainly there. What I wasn't expecting, however, was that my aspirations would change as a result of my interactions with the tutors, peers and the course modules themselves."

Focus on practicality

Nic found that the course's foundation teachings of film theory and production inspired him to focus on film and narrative production instead. "The course empowered me to focus on all aspects of my skillset, and gave me the opportunity to develop in ways I was not expecting," he says. "The course has a focus on practicality, but offers the foundations of fundamental film-making principles and theory that are essential within the industry."

Productive environment

Nic now aspires to become a producer in film and television, and feels that his time at LSBU has given him a great chance of succeeding in a fiercely competitive marketplace. "I've had the benefit of working in a multicultural environment with talented individuals that have given me the inspiration to push myself creatively," he says. "The teaching environment encourages collaboration and teamwork, skills I believe are crucial to succeeding in the media industry. Film-making is the art of balancing hard work, collaboration and humility. At LSBU I have been provided with a productive environment to collaborate with my peers, along with the equipment and skills needed to accomplish my filmmaking goals."

Valuable experience

Away from his lectures, Nic has also gained valuable experience as a volunteer at Screentest – a national film festival held annually in London. "I've volunteered there for three years," he explains, "and have recruited several other LSBU students to get involved in the festival. We promote films from all over the country, and there are hundreds of visitors over the festival weekend, to see screenings and take part in workshops.

Film festivals

Having an innate understanding of film festivals helped Nic's second year mockumentary film, 'It's Okay to be Ginger' to become an official selection at the White Sands International Film Festival in the USA, and it has also been screened at various events in the UK. Having recently completed his final year film, Nic is hopeful that it too will be well received by the international festivals he has submitted it to.

Life experience

With the end of his undergraduate degree in sight, Nic has been accepted to study an MA in Producing Film and Television at Royal Holloway, though he intends to continue volunteering at Screentest as well as producing short films of his own throughout the year.  As he prepares for the next stage of his film-making adventure, Nic knows he will have very fond memories of studying at LSBU. "It's been amazing to interact with students from different countries and backgrounds who have languages, values and ideas that differ from mine," he says. "It's a life experience that is hard to gain anywhere else."

It's OK to be ginger (2012)

Sitting Duck (2013)

Our Church of Sexual Purity (Teaser Trailer)