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Mario Kazniakowski, alumnus, BEng (Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering

From one industry to another: Mario left the pharmaceutical sector to pursue a career in chemical engineering, a transition made possible by his time at LSBU

From the moment he left school, Mario Kazniakowski wanted to work in either the pharmaceutical industry, or in chemical and process engineering. He chose the former, and worked in the field for many years until eventually deciding to change career, at which point he revisited his interest in chemical and process engineering.

Relevant study

“I knew I needed a relevant degree, so I applied to the BEng (Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering at LSBU,” says Mario. “I was so impressed that, after graduating, I stayed at LSBU to study for my MSc Petroleum Engineering and I’m glad I did – it has opened up some fantastic career options for me.”

After graduating, Mario worked with the Italian National Research Council on the characterization of oil sands from Canada, as well as at an oil company plant that recycled waste oil for use as an industrial fuel for generating energy for large furnaces.

Exciting projects

“It was all great experience that ultimately helped me to secure a role at Schlumberger, where I currently work as a Senior Process Engineer,” says Mario. “My day-to-day role is varied and challenging, and I can be doing different things depending on the projects I am working on. “

Mario has found himself designing state-of-the-art technologies to be deployed on new or operational platforms of all sizes and types. “They’re really exciting projects,” he says. “I’ve worked on projects such as commissioning the biggest and first partial process plant in the world, located in the North Sea.

Design, research and travel

Mario also designs bespoke equipment, conducting site surveys and field trials. “That can mean anything from a couple of days away to two months or more, depending on how complex the project is,” he says. “I recently carried out a field study in Malaysia to evaluate the feasibility of a retrofit and installation of a sand management system.”

The multi-cultural element and travelling all over the world are two of the elements of his job that appeal most to Mario, who describes the experience as ‘learning something new every day’.

Study doesn’t finish when you leave university. It is a continuous and enjoyable process, even when you are applying it to solving challenges such as tight client specifications.

Mario Kazniakowski

Opening doors

Mario feels that his degrees at LSBU have been pivotal in helping him firstly secure, and then succeed in, his job. “They opened so many doors for me,” he says, “but I do feel as though I have a lot to learn. I am aiming to continue to improve as a professional, and would ultimately like to pursue chartered status. For now though, I’m just enjoying the work I do – and I’m grateful for LSBU in helping me get there.”