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Inventing Adulthoods in Northern Ireland, 2008-2010

This project was a qualitative longitudinal study of young people growing up in five contrasting locations

The JRF study involved up to six interviews between 1996-2006, along with updated biographical interviews of 18 young people from the original, providing rich and unique insights into the diverse dynamic processes shaping young lives against the backdrop of the political, economic and social policy landscape from 1996 in Northern Ireland.

In addition, consultations were held with youth practitioners and policymakers in Northern Ireland.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) funded the project and built on the Inventing Adulthoods study.

The project is carried out on behalf of LSBU's Families and Social Capital Research Group.To find out more about this work, contact Prof. Janet Holland or search our People Finder for academics researching in this area.