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Working papers and lectures

LSBU's Families and Social Capital Group is highly active and produces a number of working papers

Listed below are publications and Working Papers output by the Families and Social Capital Research Group, part of the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Research. These are available to download as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To view or print PDFs you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge from the Adobe website. Downloadable documents open in a new browser window.

Publications and Working Papers from the Families and Social Capital Research Group

Paper title and description

An Academic and Voluntary Sector Collaboration to Facilitate Relationship Support for 'Mixed' Couples and Families (PDF File 376 KB) March 2012 – Elaine Bauer (London South Bank University), Catherine Houlston (OnePlusOne), Lester Coleman (OnePlusOne) and Rosalind Edwards (University of Southampton).

Researching Children's Lateral Relationships over Time: Methodological & Ethical Lessons from a Qualitative Longitudinal Study (PDF File 2,432 KB) August 2011 – Susie Weller and Rosalind Edwards with Robert Stephenson.

An Historical Comparative Analysis of Family and Parenting: A Feasibility Study Across Sources and Timeframes (PDF File 1,073 KB) February 2011 – Val Gillies and Rosalind Edwards

Families, Social Capital and Migration in Time and Space (PDF File 139 KB) July 2010 – Jürg Dürrschmidt, Susanne Lantermann, André Schönewolf (University of Kassel) and Rosalind Edwards, Val Gillies and Tracey Reynolds (London South Bank University)

The World We Have Made? Individualisation and Personal Life in the 1950s (PDF File 161 KB)
June 2010 – Simon Duncan (University of Bradford)

Collaboration and Duration: A celebration of the research and practice of Janet Holland (PDF File 514 KB) April 2010 – Rachel Thomson and Rosalind Edwards

Up Close and Personal: Emotions Within and Through Research (PDF File 1,082 KB)
January 2010 – Susie Weller and Chamion Caballero

Young People and Social Capital: What Can It Do For Us? (PDF File 75 KB)
September 2008 – Janet Holland

Ties that bind: families, social capital and Caribbean second-generation return migration (PDF File 150 KB) – June 2008 – Tracey Reynolds

Social Capital: between harmony and dissonance (PDF File 62 KB)
February 2007 – Jane Franklin

Qualitative Longitudinal Research: A Discussion Paper (PDF File 221 KB)
December 2006 – Janet Holland, Rachel Thomson and Sheila Henderson

Volume One: Families, Social Capital and Ethnic Identities of Caribbeans, South Asians and South Europeans (PDF File 150 KB) August 2006 – Tracey Reynolds and Elisabetta Zontini

Individualisation versus the geography of 'new' families (PDF File 188 KB) April 2006 – Simon Duncan (University of Bradford) and Darren P. Smith (University of Brighton)

Social Capital and Transnational South Asian families: Rituals, Care and Provision (PDF File 50 KB) March 2006 – Kanwal Mand

Growing old in a London Borough; the shrinking personal community and how volunteers help to maintain it (PDF File 140 KB) February 2006 – Anne Gray

A Comparative Study of Care and Provision Across Caribbean and Italian Transnational Families (PDF File 97 KB) February 2006 – Tracey Reynolds and Elisabetta Zontini

What's the Problem? Teenage Parents: A Critical Review (PDF File 45 KB) November 2005 – Simon Duncan (University of Bradford)

Resources in Parenting: Access to Capitals Project Report (PDF File 110 KB) May 2005 – Rosalind Edwards and Val Gillies

Who is a Sister and a Brother? Biological and Social Ties (PDF File 148 KB) April 2005 – Rosalind Edwards, Lucy Hadfield, Helen Lucey and Melanie Mauthner

Women and Social Capital (PDF File 118 KB) April 2005 – Edited by Jane Franklin with contributions from Irene Bruegel, Ruth Lister and Ginny Morrow

Caribbean Families, Social Capital and Young People's Diasporic Identities (PDF File 65 KB)
November 2004 – Tracey Reynolds

Social Capital in the Field: Researchers' Tales (PDF File 170 KB) August 2004 – Edited by Rosalind Edwards

Fear of Debt and Higher Education Participation (PDF File 68 KB) November 2004 – Claire Callender and Jon Jackson

Pushing the Boundaries in Northern Ireland: Young People, Violence and Sectarianism (PDF File 111 KB) May 2004 – Sheena McGrellis

Politics, Trust and Networks: Social Capital in Critical Perspective (PDF File 370 KB)
April 2004 – Perspective Edited by Jane Franklin

Italian Families and Social Capital: Rituals and the Provision of Care in British-Italian Transnational Families (PDF File 97 KB) April 2004 – Elisabetta Zontini

Friendship between Gay Men and Heterosexual Women: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (PDF File 304 KB) March 2004 – Tina Grigoriou

Youth Values and Transitions to Adulthood: An empirical investigation (PDF File 250 KB) February 2004 – Rachel Thomson and Janet Holland

Appendix 1 - Questionnaire for Youth Values (PDF File 1,083 KB) 

Towards a Conceptual Framework for Studying Time and Social Capital (PDF File 573 KB)
December 2003 – Anne Gray

Family and Intimate Relationships: A Review of the Sociological Research (PDF File 298 KB)
June 2003 – Val Gillies

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