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Gaile Consolacion, Student Ambassador

Gaile found many benefits to being an LSBU Student Ambassador, including the opportunity to develop her confidence and communication skills

Clearing can understandably be a stressful time for students, who find themselves making important decisions about where to study relatively quickly. However, keeping a clear head and taking the right advice can pay dividends – as Gaile Consolacion can attest.

“After studying in Brighton, I went into Clearing and secured a place on the BSc (Hons) Biochemistry course.” says Gaile. "I felt so lucky to have found a university that not only accommodates my academic needs but gives me the social experiences I wanted – and the central London location means studying here was a dream for me.”

Rapport with lecturers

Gaile plans to use her degree to get into studying Medicine, and believes that our approach – combining practical skills with theoretical understanding – has given her a great chance of doing just that. “I’ve developed my scientific skills at the same time as my employability skills,” she says. “It’s been helped by the fact that I’ve built a great rapport with my lecturers and technicians, who have given me great support.”

Building a career

Gaile’s favourite part of her course was her final year project, which she feels gave her extra determination to succeed. “I had the independence to research a scientific topic of my own choice,” she says. “With the help of the faculty, I used the opportunity to gain a lot of crucial advice that I feel can help me to kickstart my career.”

It’s a future that Gaile hopes will lead to a career as a paediatrician one day, and she’s still working hard to make that dream a reality. “I’m currently working as a Pharmacy Assistant at my local hospital, which I believe will help me exercise my love for biochemistry and give me experience I need for my future plans,” she says.

Different skills

Aside from her studies, Gaile has always been keen to put in time learning different skills and pushing herself in new ways. “At college I was very keen on music, and was part of a funk band,” she explains, “while at LSBU I joined the Women’s Badminton Club, and went on to represent the Women’s Badminton Team. It was a great experience to compete against other universities, and I made new friends along the way too.”

In addition to her sporting achievements at LSBU, Gaile took great satisfaction from her work as an LSBU Student Ambassador, an experience she describes as “the perfect job”.

“It was great work experience,” says Gaile. “It helped me to become more confident, and developed my social and communication skills. Even better, the flexible hours made it really easy to fit in around my academic and work responsibilities.”

Gaile worked mainly on Taster Days and Prep For Uni Days, where college students visit us for a taste of university life. “I also worked Open Days, which were larger events and often involved presenting to large audiences about student life, finance and advice,” she says. “I was also part of the Student Contact Centre, where I would handle incoming and outgoing calls to prospective students to help with their application and any questions they might have.”

Good times

Through the scheme, Gaile was able to make new friends and improved her team working skills. “It was a great feeling to get to know your colleagues, representing the university and sharing your experiences in science,” she says. “I was always anxious about speaking and leading, but being an ambassador really helped me to develop those skills and I am sure they will come in handy in my career one day as well.”

Gaile believes that working as a Student Ambassador helped her to become more articulate and confident, and gave her the initiative needed to act as a leader. “I think LSBU students should definitely consider it,” she says. “It’s flexible, no hassle, and everyone is helpful and friendly. Alongside my studies at LSBU, the experience has helped me to learn skills and traits that will help me to progress. It’s been hard work and meant late nights, but there’s been a lot of fun and good times along the way.”