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Birgit Eismann, LLB Law (Hons)

How LSBU is helping one Estonian student fulfil her ambition of a legal career

After completing her schooling in her native Estonia, Birgit Eismann moved to the UK to broaden her horizons. She felt that working and living in London would open more doors for her than staying in her home country.

After a spell working full-time for a property company, managing administration and marketing activities, Birgit was determined to follow her dream of studying Law. "It is something I have wanted to do since childhood," she explains. "Over time, it has become a real passion of mine and I knew that studying in London would present me with many more opportunities than staying at home. London is just so central to the law here in the UK, from politics to the judiciary, so it seems natural that it is the best place to study the subject. I chose to study at LSBU after meeting some of the faculty members – their drive and commitment left an excellent impression on me."

Thoroughly vindicated

Now in her third year, Birgit believes that her decision has been thoroughly vindicated by her experiences with us. "I sincerely believe that LSBU combines all the advantages of being at the heart of London with the accessibility of a modern university. It's home to such a diverse, international student base and the atmosphere is truly multicultural and cosmopolitan."

Successful work placement

Birgit has already enjoyed one of the benefits of being in the centre of London, a successful work placement with a leading London law firm. "I'm hopeful that this will be an important step towards me finding work after I graduate," she says.

It has always been my intention to find work with a prominent London law firm and I think that my work placement – which was excellent - was very important to helping me do just that.

Birgit Eismann

Legal Advice Clinic

As well as getting some valuable experience on placement, Birgit has further enhanced her CV and employability prospects by working in our Legal Advice Clinic. "I was really pleased to be selected as one of the volunteers in the first year of the clinic, and I have also represented it at various LSBU events," she says.

Excellent legal grounding

Birgit is confident that the excellent legal grounding provided by her course, coupled with the experience she has been able to pick up on placement and through her volunteering, will help her to follow in some of her illustrious predecessors at LSBU. "I have been struck by the number of LSBU alumni I have met who have gone on to interesting positions within the law," she says. "At this stage in my career, their stories have been inspirational and I hope that in years to come, future LSBU students look at my career and feel the same about me."