Centre for the Integrated Delivery of the Built Environment (IDoBE)

Bringing together specialists to develop research that offers high impact, sustainable solutions to society’s biggest challenges

LSBU's Centre for the Integrated Delivery of the Built Environment (IDoBE) is led by academics with expertise in construction, property, and surveying within the School of the Built Environment and Architecture. The Centre’s research builds on the School’s flagship courses in construction project management and economics, quantity surveying, building surveying, real estate, and architectural technology. The Centre’s diverse membership has a commitment to innovation and improvements in construction through improved business processes, and the greater use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for integrated delivery.

The Centre focuses on key research themes to address productivity and construction waste using knowledge, innovation and digital transformation to improve cost certainty and predictability of construction projects and to address leaderships challenges and skills gap.

The Centre’s approach is to leverage knowledge from multidisciplinary partners to support the delivery of high impact and sustainable solutions to the biggest challenges facing the built environment.

Investigated topics

  • Big data analytics for process improvement
  • Building information modelling
  • Carbon finance to mitigate climate change
  • Circular economy
  • Construction Management
  • Health and sustainable buildings
  • Housing
  • Integrate models such as joint venture and public private partnerships
  • Leadership, ethics and professionalism in the built environment industries
  • Life cycle and carbon cost planning
  • Management and integrate of data for the built environment
  • Market structure and growth strategies
  • Mental health, equality, gender, diversity, welfare and modern slavery
  • Project financing models (e.g. public private partnerships)
  • Real estate, international property investment, and strategic asset management
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Risk Management
  • Smart and intelligent cities
  • Waste management

Current projects

Harmonization of Construction Health and Safety Practices in the Southern African Development Community

The research is carried out in collaboration with University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa to address an urgent need to strengthen standards of construction health and safety practices in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The research funded through Newton Advanced Fellowships focuses on developing a framework for improving health and safety practices to promote a non-hazardous work environment and to reduce the burden of occupational injuries and fatalities in SADC.

Key facilities


Building Information Modelling (BIM) Centre

BIM is an approach to managing and planning every aspect of design and operation in the construction process in a better, more efficient way to improve the basis upon which the construction industry and its clients operate. The BIM Centre acts as a hub for innovation, professional training and networking amongst practice experts in the built environmental sector.

Other facilities

  • Lighting Laboratory
  • Building Services Laboratory
  • DARLab (Digital Architecture and Robotic Laboratory)
  • Rapid Prototyping Technology Lab
  • Design and Soft Modelling Lab
  • Digital Architecture Robotics Lab
  • Rapid Prototyping Technology Lab
  • Design and Soft Modelling Lab
  • Digital Architecture Robotics Lab
  • Virtual Engineering Suite
  • Building Information Modelling Lab

The Centre also has access to other general engineering facilities within the University, including the Engineering and Welding Workshops, the Machine Shop, the Modelling Workshop, the Virtual Engineering Suite, plus many other design and soft facilities.

Our Centre harnesses the research capability of staff (who include two Professors of international repute, three Associate Professors and several senior academics) in the School of Built Environment and Architecture, Division of Construction, Property and Surveying, one of the largest in the UK specialising in the built environment.

Core members

    Prof. Asa Barber
    Prof. Sandra Dudley
    Dr Geoff Goss
    Dr Antonio Vilches
    Dr Michael Berthaume
    Dr Benjamin Lishman
    Dr Enrico Grisan
    Dr Perry Xiao (Director)
    Prof. Mohammad Ghavami (Director)

Associate members

  • Maggie Hammond
  • Bert Ediale Young
  • Rafiu Seidu
  • Professor George Ofori (Member of SARIC)
  • Jennifer Hardi (Member of SARIC)
  • Dr Zulfikar Adamu (Member of SARIC)
  • Carlos Gonzalez
  • Ash Hendy
  • Lynne Michael
  • Navpreet Chohan

Postgraduate research students

  • Elizabeth Whelan
  • Nuha Eltinay
  • Mehdi Shahparvari
  • Itua Omokhomion
  • Lucy Ogbenjuwa
  • Upeksha Madanayake
  • Ganiyu Sikiru
  • Waheed Oseni
  • Saam Kaviani
  • Yumna Ahmedi
  • Yamen Bakhaty,
  • Ahmed Daoud
  • Adnan Ali

Core members

    ·       Professor Obas John Ebohon (Leader)
    ·       Professor George Ofori
    ·       Dr Ali Bayyati
    ·       Dr Gu Guowei
    ·       Dr Job Momoh
    ·       Dr Joseph Kangwa, Associate Professor
    ·       Dr Olubisi Ige
    ·       Dr Oluwadamilola Aguda
    ·       Dr Stephen Phillips
    ·       Dr Timothy Eccles
    ·       Dr Yamuna Kaluarachchi, Associate Professor
    ·       Dr Yusuf Ibraheem
    ·       Dr Zulfikar Adamu, Associate Professor
    ·       Bert Ediale Young
    ·       Carlos Gonzalez
    ·       Daniel Fong, Associate Professor
    ·       Jennifer Hardi
    ·       Lynne Michael
    ·       Maggie Hammond
    ·       Navpreet Chohan
    ·       Rafiu Seidu
    ·       Upeksha Madanayake
    ·       Yuting Chen
    Postgraduate Research Students:
    ·       Adnan Ali
    ·       Ahmed Daoud
    ·       Elizabeth Whelan
    ·       Ganiyu Sikiru
    ·       Itua Omokhomion
    ·       Lucy Ogbenjuwa
    ·       Mehdi Shahparvari
    ·       Nuha Eltinay
    ·       Saam Kaviani
    ·       Upeksha Madanayake
    ·       Waheed Oseni
    ·       Yamen Bakhaty
    ·       Yumna Ahmedi

The Centre has been successful in securing funding for developing international research collaboration notably with the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa as part of Newton Advanced Fellowships

Key publications