We have one of the best laboratory–workshop complexes in London

We enhance students’ experience of civil and building services engineering with equipment-rich facilities. As the field expands into both applied science and engineering, there are many opportunities for students to develop their skills in the workshop, specialist £2.8 million sustainability centre, acoustic laboratory, digital robotics lab and Building Information Modelling Centre.

Our facilities for materials research are extensive and include sophisticated equipment for growing engineering coatings and functional thin films for devices such as solar cells. They support sophisticated characterisation techniques, including electron and atomic force microscopies and nanohardness testing that can probe materials at the nanoscale.

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of the thermodynamics and strength of materials laboratories.

Thermodynamics and strength of materials lab tour

Facilities case studies


    Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB)

    This unique resource supports the teaching, research and demonstration of low carbon energy technologies in the built environment. With our Flexible Climate Simulator we're testing and developing new techniques and systems. It allows us to construct full-scale and scaled environments to better understand climatic influence and be capable of controlling strict environmental conditions.

  • robotic arm

    Acoustics Laboratories

    A rare find in London, our anechoic and reverberation chambers are key pieces of equipment in acoustic and environment testing work. Both chambers can be used for simulating idealised acoustic conditions for researching a number of noise phenomena: sound power determination, binaural recordings, measuring source directivity, the testing of hearing protectors and the demonstration of fundamental acoustic principles.

  • robotic arm

    Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab (DARLAB)

    DARLAB is advanced digital manufacturing robotic lab is designed for high-quality research, as well as developing commercial applications for architecture. The lab use an industrial robotic arms combined with several end effectors customized to carry out advanced manufacturing applications.


  • floor plan model

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) Centre

    BIM is an approach to managing and planning every aspect of design and operation in the construction process in a better, more efficient way to improve the basis upon which the construction industry and its clients operate. The BIM Centre acts as a hub for innovation, professional training and networking amongst practice experts in the built environmental sector.

  • Student in Design Studio

    Constructionarium for civil engineers

    The Constructionarium is a national learning facility created for civil engineering undergraduates to gain a practical site experience. Spread over six days, the Constructionarium allows students to develop practical skills and establish working links with industry.

Accessing our facilities

Facilities, students and staff feature regularly in our knowledge transfer and consultation activities with industry. Read more about how the School works with business at LSBU.

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