Specialist on-campus labs and designed field trips lead our practical learning

We make your learning as practical as possible, whether it's time spent in our specialist on-campus laboratories or on-site during a specially designed field trip.

Spatial Analysis and Informatics Lab (SAIL)

The Spatial Analysis and Informatics Lab (SAIL) is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) facility with 30 networked computers fully equipped with software, printing, scanning and projection facilities.
SAIL is an excellent platform for applied research, including geographically-based clinical datasets for health providers or social and cultural research. It's also used by commercial organisations looking at retail or logistics.

Field trips

Field trips are vitally important learning tools, helping students to better integrate theory and practice. They encourage students to work with a variety of classmates, creating new friendships and consolidating existing ones. It's also a perfect time to get to know lecturers better as you relax together outside the formal classroom setting.

All our field trips introduce students to industry managers who take time to explain their jobs, the challenges they face and skills they need to overcome them. You'll be shown that although we can learn best practice from one situation and apply it to another, we always have to take into account local sensitivities and issues. Unlike many of our competitors, we include the price of our residential field trips (excluding food and entertainment) in with our Tuition Fees.

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