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If you're thinking of studying with us at London South Bank University (LSBU), our entry requirements, scholarships and details of how to apply are laid out below to help you with your application.

Entry requirements

We accept a range of English language qualifications (PDF File 215 KB). Please contact the international office for further details.

Undergraduate entry requirements

To apply for an undergraduate course at LSBU you need to have one of the following:

UK Entry levelNorwegian EquivalentProposed
AABVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole4.2
ABBVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole4
BBBVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole3.8
BBCVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole3.7
BCCVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole3.5
CCCVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole3.2
CCDVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole3

If your qualification is higher than this level then look at our postgraduate requirements or if it is lower review our Foundation details.

Foundation course requirements

To apply for a foundation course at LSBU you need to have one of the following:

UK Foundation/HND/Extended DegreeNorwegian EquivalentProposed
HNDVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole2.6 - 2.9
Foundation/Extended degreeVitnemål fra den Videregående Skole2 - 2.5

Postgraduate Entry Requirements

To apply for a postgraduate course at LSBU you need to hold one of the following:

UK Entry levelNorwegian EquivalentProposed
1.1 Degree (minimum 3 years)Graduate of a Norwegian universityA
2.1 Degree (minimum 3 years)Graduate of a Norwegian universityB
2.2 Degree (minimum 3 years)Graduate of a Norwegian universityC


We currently offer a wide variety of scholarships with a total value of £1 million. Read more about LSBU scholarships for international students.

Our scholarships include Nationality Scholarships for residents of Norway.

How to apply

The process to apply for a course varies to whether you study as an undergraduate or postgraduate student. You should also find out how to apply for any available scholarships.

Visa information

You will need to obtain a student visa or equivalent to be able to study with us at LSBU. The main route for students to come to the UK to study is the student visa. We have information about Visas and immigration on our website and guidance on the requirements. It is also important to refer to the information and student visa Policy Guidance which is available on the Home Office website Student Visa. You should also check the visa processing times Visa decision waiting times: applicants outside the UK.

For more information, please see our Visas and immigration page and the Home Office website Study English in the UK (Short-term study visa)


We may have representatives in your country who if you wish can help guide you with your application to LSBU. For further information and a list of these, please contact us at

Contact us

If you have any further questions regarding the application process or questions regarding courses please contact our Enquiries Manager via email or phone +44 (0) 207 815 6189.