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Recurring card payments

You can pay tuition fees or accommodation fees in instalments by setting up a recurring card payment (RCP) plan, which allows the University to take payments from your chosen credit or debit card on you instalment dates.

Payment confirmations
Once you have set up your recurring card payment plan, you will receive an advance notice email.  This will detail the exact dates and amounts when your payment(s) will be taken. All successful payments will be shown on the credit or debit card statement that you get from your card provider.

If a payment fails, we will email you to say that we will try to take the instalment a second time within the next five days. If the second attempt fails, the instalment must then be paid immediately using another payment method.  If a payment fails a second time, then the university may record you as a debtor to the university as per paragraph 14.1 in the tuition fee regulations.

Changing your card details
You will need to change your card details if:

  • Your card is lost or stolen
  • Your card has expired
  • Your card provider changed supplier (e.g. from Visa to MasterCard)
  • You change your bank account

You should contact the Income Team at least 5 working days before the next instalment is due to be charged to your account in order to update your account.

Cancelling your recurring card payment plan
You can cancel your recurring card payment plan at any time but the balance owed on your account must be paid immediately

To cancel the recurring card payment plan, you must contact the Income Team five working days before the next payment is due to be taken from your account.  To contact the Income Team, please use the following details: or 0207 815 6363.

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