Equality, diversity and inclusion

We champion the values of equality and diversity

Embracing and integrating equality and diversity is fundamental to our success and growth as an institution of higher education.

Read further information about equality and diversity initiatives at LSBU.


Initiatives and actions working to strengthen equality and diversity at LSBU include:

Access guides

LSBU is committed to equal access across campus. Read our access guides on DisabledGo to see summaries of our venues' accessibility and key features.

Staff networks

LSBU is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion at work. Currently LSBU have four thriving Staff Equality Networks. The Networks are a social and advocacy network for LSBU staff with an interest in equality and diversity issues.

All of the networks work in partnership with the University to:

  • create a safe, inclusive and diverse place to work
  • foster a culture of respect and equality for all staff, regardless of their protected group
  • support every staff member to reach his or her full potential at work without fear of harassment, bullying or discrimination

We have an inclusive membership policy, welcoming all staff with an interest in equality issues - regardless of their protected group.

If you would like to become a member of any of the networks, please contact the networks' Chairs by emailing them.


EQUINET is the equality network for black and minority ethnic (BAME) staff at LSBU.

Contact: equinet@lsbu.ac.uk


GenderNet is the equality network for staff of all gender identities.

Contact: gendernet@lsbu.ac.uk


SONET is the sexual orientation and gender identity network for all staff.

Contact: s.o.network@lsbu.ac.uk


dNet is the Disability network for staff at London South Bank University.

Contact: abigail.wynn-jones@lsbu.ac.uk

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