How It Works

Title: How It worksStage 1: What’s going on now? We used data to help us understand what was happening in relation to the 3 propositions. We shared that data with local people and services to find out what people cared about.

Stage 2: Getting everyone in the room to co-create the solutions. We realised we didn’t know what everyone could offer to help, so we visited each other’s organisations, listened to each other’s stories, ate together, and - having found out more about our passions, concerns, offers - we decided together what we wanted to be different

Stage 3: Test the ideas out (prototyping). We formed groups to test the ideas out in practice at a small-scale to see what was possible, over a six-week period, and from that made proposals about what needs to happen in localities, places and across our integrated care systems.

Stage 4: Changing the services. Some of the ideas were about very different ways of organising primary care, or how hospitals work with the voluntary sector, or how communities look after their friends, or how funding flows. Some are new ways of doing current services better; some are a real re-shaping of services.

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