Times Higher Education Rankings 2023

07 June 2023

London South Bank University (LSBU) has achieved a remarkable feat in the prestigious Times Higher Impact Rankings 2023, solidifying our position among the world's top universities. With over 1000 institutions participating in this year's rankings, LSBU's outstanding performance across multiple categories is a testament to the positive impact we have had thanks to our strategy.

One of the key areas of focus in the Times Higher Impact Rankings is reducing inequalities. The ranking, ‘measures universities’ research on social inequalities, their policies on discrimination and their commitment to recruiting staff and students from under-represented groups. LSBU has emerged as a frontrunner in this domain, securing an impressive 8th position globally. Through various initiatives, LSBU has actively worked towards narrowing the gap and creating a more equitable society, proving our commitment to social justice and inclusivity. We are very proud of this recognition.

LSBU's commitment to gender equality has also earned recognition on the global stage. The university has been ranked an impressive 60th worldwide, exemplifying our efforts to empower and support women within the academic and professional realms. LSBU's inclusive environment fosters equal opportunities for all, ensuring that everyone has the chance to excel and contribute to their fullest potential. The Gender Equality ranking, ‘measures universities’ research on the study of gender equality, their policies on gender equality and their commitment to recruiting and promoting women.’

Addressing the critical issue of poverty, LSBU has demonstrated our dedication to social welfare by securing an impressive 32nd place globally. The ranking, ‘measures universities’ research on poverty and their support for poor students and citizens in the local community.’ The university's comprehensive approach towards tackling poverty includes research, community outreach, and fostering innovation to drive positive change. LSBU's standing in this category exemplifies our resolve to eradicate poverty and create a more just and prosperous society for all.

Furthermore, LSBU has excelled in forging meaningful partnerships to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The university has been placed among the top 200 institutions globally in the category of "Partnerships for the Goals." LSBU's collaborative efforts with industry, government, and community organisations have led to impactful solutions addressing pressing global challenges, reinforcing our position as a leading institution driving positive change.

Professor Deborah Johnston, LSBU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Framework), said,

“I am incredibly pleased to see today’s Times Higher Education Impact Rankings and LSBU’s 8th place in the world for our university’s work to reduce inequality. LSBU continues to perform strongly in this vital area because of our work to tackle inequality including outstanding research and the support we give to our students and the communities LSBU is based in to develop and achieve their full potential.

“Today’s Times Higher Education Impact 2023 rankings comes after a year in which LSBU students and staff have won over 30 national awards. They range from the Student Nursing Times Awards 2023 where LSBU students won the Student Midwife of the Year and Student Nurse of Year awards and the CIMA Awards 2022 where LSBU staff won the Employability Excellence and Teaching Excellence awards.”

In the overall rankings, LSBU has secured a prominent position in the 101st - 200th section, showcasing the university's exceptional standing among our global counterparts. This achievement highlights LSBU's unwavering dedication to excellence in education, research, and community engagement.

As LSBU celebrates its remarkable achievements in the Times Higher Impact Rankings 2023, we remain firmly committed to its mission of transforming lives and communities through education, research, and innovation. The university's continued focus on addressing global challenges and creating a positive impact reflects its determination to shape a better future for all.

For more information about LSBU's remarkable performance in the Times Higher Impact Rankings 2023, please visit the official Impact Rankings 2023 document, available here.