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LSBU strengthens educational ties with Morley College through new MOU

LSBU and Morley College London sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to improve education opportunities for people in Lambeth and Southwark
18 April 2016

The MOU, signed by London South Bank University's (LSBU)’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Pat Bailey and Morley College Principal, Dr Andrew Gower, cements a three year commitment from both parties to build on their mutual interest to develop opportunities in the community and local area.

In particular the MOU aims to further strengthen the existing relationship between the two institutions by:

  • Creating scholarship, learning, teaching and cultural experiences for people aged 17 and over.
  • Enhancing the profile and engagement with the local community through joint activities.
  • Assisting and supporting current students to develop their skills.
  • Creating extramural opportunities for LSBU’s students in the arts and languages.
  • Supporting students’ transition into higher education and degree apprenticeships.

Both Morley College and LSBU will benefit from shared resources and facilities, combined networks and links to industry, and a joint vision for providing education to the people of south London.

Pat Bailey, Deputy Vice Chancellor at London South Bank University, said: “The brilliant thing about LSBU and Morley College is that we have a common mission to serve the community.

“This MOU will mean that we can work together to provide the community and local area with more valuable and focused events, which will provide more opportunities for people to come through as learners.

“The MOU will also allow students at LSBU to identify additional education opportunities at Morley College, and vice versa.

“This is a very exciting time for both institutions and is just the beginning of a whole series of community and student-focused activities over the coming years.”

Dr Gower said: “We’re delighted to sign the MOU between LSBU and Morley College London.

“With a shared commitment to high-quality, local learning for Londoners, this collaboration will create exciting new opportunities for people in Lambeth, Southwark and beyond. 

“We have something for everyone, with lectures, concerts and exhibitions to enjoy, and an exceptional range of courses at all levels of study.  

“In addition, we’re delighted to open up new options for students at the university to participate in extramural activities at Morley, particularly those interested in studying a language, or developing their knowledge and skills in the visual arts and music.”