LSBU students win UK robot competition prize

27 March 2024

A team of students from the London South Bank University (LSBU) School of Engineering came 2nd at the Unibots UK robotics competition, in the past week. The twelve LSBU students studying on Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering courses competed against students from other universities in the robot competition.

This year’s Unibots UK competition task for the university teams was to design and operate their robots to collect as many balls from an enclosed area as quickly as possible within a short timeframe. Through meticulous planning, creative engineering and exceptional teamwork, the LSBU students designed a highly impressive robot which secured 2nd place in the competition and a £200 prize.

Jerome Graves, LSBU Unibots UK team manager, said, “We worked incredibly hard to design an advanced robot to compete in Unibots UK and thanks to our highly talented team we got to the final of this national competition! Our LSBU robot used computer vision with a camera and ultrasonic sensors. I can’t wait for the opportunity to compete against other universities in next year’s Unibots UK competition.”