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Ideas for life: world-changing research at LSBU

LSBU is celebrating Universities Week which seeks to showcase the importance of university research and its impact on our everyday lives
03 June 2014

Universities Weeks celebrates the multitude of ways in which universities contribute to a better society. First held in 2010, this year will shine a spotlight on how discovery, invention and innovation in university research is meeting past, present and future challenges.

UK universities are working to tackle the issues that are personally important to each of us, as well as addressing local, national and global challenges. University ideas and inventions are also supporting economic growth in the UK and universities play a key role in the social, economic and cultural life of the country.

As well as addressing the challenging issues faced by society today, LSBU's applied research seeks to provide solutions to the business world and beyond.

Spotlight on LSBU's life-changing research

Researchers unearth the flaw of major Drinkaware campaign
LSBU psychology research unearths the flaw of a major Drinkaware campaign, revealing the negative effects anti-drinking posters can have on binge drinkers. 
Keeping nuclear plants safe
LSBU research is helping Sellafield reduce the risks of hydrogen explosions in decommissioned nuclear plants. 
Business researchers at LSBU help demonstrate that knowledge is power
Business researchers at LSBU help demonstrate the power and cost saving of effective information that saved 10 HE institutions €2.2 million in its first year. 
Exploring the benefits of bilingual radio drama
LSBU researchers and their collaborators explore the methods and benefits of creating bilingual radio drama a compelling dramatic experience. 
Putting your best foot forward
A close association with researchers at LSBU has contributed to sales of over 22 million pairs of FitFlop™ footwear. 
Multiculturalism and Britishness at the Tate
Home to greats like Hockney, Turner, Freud and Hepworth, the Tate occupies a special place in the UK's cultural psyche. But how does the notion of a national collection representing Britain – perhaps even a discourse of 'Britishness' – fit with a 21st-century idea of identity?
LSBU research helps London Underground passengers keep cool
London Underground Limited turns to LSBU to find a cost-effective cooling solution for it's passengers that could save millions. 
Patient Dignity and Person Centred Integrated Care
Over the last decade, a changing hospital population has seen a rise in the number of older, frailer people being attended to. Professor Lesley Baillie's work looks at the increasingly important subject of patient dignity.
Getting under the skin of the cosmetics industry
Continued collaboration between LSBU and Biox, an LSBU start-up company, has resulted in technology that sets new standards in measuring changes to skin. Read more in our case study.
Bringing learning to life for children with Specific Language Impairment
LSBU education research is helping children with language difficulties to access new ways to learn and develop.
Reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, stroke and amputations
Swollen ankles, cold feet – the pain associated with poor circulation affects both healthy people and those with underlying conditions. But treatment still relies heavily on symptomatic pharmaceutical and compression therapies – like aspirin and the stockings sold at airports – or more drastic surgical interventions.
Acoustics research helps improve safety and quality of service on London Underground
Collaborative Urban Engineering applied acoustics research project with Transport for London to develop and install a high quality system to evacuate deep underground stations in an emergency.
Facilitating relationship support for 'mixed' couples and families
This ESRC-funded work is a collaborative project concerned with relationships where each partner is from a different ethnic or racial background but might also involve faith differences.
Showcasing Britannia's long and diverse history of racial mixedness
The history of mixed-race people, families and couples is not a contemporary phenomenon, but forms part of a longer history of mixedness and minority ethnic presence in Britain.
Faber Music, fighting illegal download battle, Knowledge Transfer Partnership
Faber Music launched 7 e-partner stores with a plan to roll out 40 more - Faber is now seen as a digital market leader for their groundbreaking technology and innovative business model.