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London South Bank first UK University to offer Digital Marketer Degree Apprenticeships

LSBU is the first UK university to offer a Level 6 Digital Marketer apprenticeship (BA Hons, Degree level equivalent) to students and businesses
07 February 2019

London South Bank University (LSBU) has officially become the first UK university to offer a Level 6 Digital Marketer apprenticeship (BA Hons, Degree level equivalent) to students and businesses.

In addition, LSBU’s School of Business and Marketing is also offering a Level 6 Chartered Manager (BA Hons, Degree level equivalent) apprenticeship which enables apprentices to study for their BA in Digital Marketing while continuing their work in practice.

The University has structured these apprenticeships based on its existing part-time digital marketing and business management courses.

On completion, the apprentice will be eligible to apply for professional registration at associate grade with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. BCS recognises this apprenticeship as sufficient criteria to support entry onto its national register of IT technicians holding a level three professional competency certificate, as assessed by the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA).

LSBU’s aim is that, by 2020, 2,000 people will have completed an apprenticeship and employer-sponsored programme at the University, as part of LSBU’s strategy for supporting professional and technical learning in the local community.

Sarah Moore-Williams, Dean of LSBU’s School of Business, said: LSBU has a long history of developing vital business skills in areas including Marketing. We are delighted to be currently the only university offering the new Level 6 Digital Marketer apprenticeship.

“This is an exciting time for marketing education and we’re thrilled that after a very intensive period spent developing our apprenticeships proposal, we will be welcoming new apprentices to the school next month.

“It’s great to be able to offer future apprentices the opportunity to qualify as digital marketers without accumulating debt, while they develop their professional skills in practice.”

Alison May, LSBU’s Apprenticeships Manager said: “LSBU’s dedicated apprenticeship team is committed to delivering excellent apprenticeship programmes while providing the necessary support to employers and apprentices. This goal is aligned with our long history of working with businesses since 1892.

“Employers working with LSBU can expect to benefit from the support of an account manager. LSBU’s account managers ensure that there is a good cultural fit between LSBU and the client which underpins the apprenticeship journey. They achieve this by understanding the culture and values of the business and how an apprenticeship can add value.

“LSBU has also invested in digital technology to reduce bureaucracy while complying with funding rules. 92 percent of businesses that work with LSBU say they are satisfied with the service offered due to the emphasis LSBU places on building lasting relationships.”

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