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Curtain goes up on LSBU's School of Arts and Creative Industries graduation

Students of LSBU’s School of Arts and Creative Industries celebrated graduation yesterday at a ceremony held at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank
14 October 2015

In a ceremony held at the Southbank Centre, graduates collected their awards on stage to the applause of friends, family and fellow students.

The latest official figures show that the Creative Industries – including design, film, games, publishing, music, technology and television - generated a huge £76.9bn a year to the UK economy in 2013. LSBU’s School of Arts and Creative Industries prides itself on an approach to learning which gives students broad knowledge to apply to a constantly evolving job market.

In a message to the graduating class, Professor Janet Jones, Dean of the School of Arts and Creative Industries, said: “Our School has a strong connection to the world outside of academia. We have educated you so you can lead the profession you enter, not necessarily reflect what was, but what might be. We need you to be leaders and not followers in this time of digital disruption, where the jobs advertised for today’s graduates weren’t even thought of when you started your journey with us in 2012.”

As part of the ceremony, British Graphic Designer Malcolm Garrett – who gained a global reputation for his influence on graphic design and popular culture – was awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Letters.

In the 1980s, Malcolm Garrett’s work with iconic musicians such as Simple Minds and Duran Duran helped define the visual identity of a generation. Throughout the 1990s, he pioneered the possibilities presented by digital technology. More recently he has become known for both his collaborative approach to design and his commitment to education. Malcolm Garrett is also a tenant at LSBU's Clarence Centre for Enterprise and Innovation.