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LSBU academics discuss the implications of UN Paris Climate talks for policy-makers at PSA conference

LSBU's environmental politics experts took part in the Political Studies Association's forum on the repercussions of the UN Paris Climate talks for policy-makers
11 December 2015

Professor Ros Wade and Dr Hugh Atkinson of London South Bank University’s (LSBU) School of Law and Social Sciences participated in the Political Studies Association’s (PSA) recent symposium on the implications of the United Nation’s (UN) current Paris Climate Talks.

The Paris Climate Talks are the year’s biggest international politics conference and the greatest re-evaluation of the UN’s climate ambitions since the Copenhagen summit in 2009. More than 50 people attended the PSA forum at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation to debate the repercussions of the November Paris attacks on the UN’s conference, as well as the links between geopolitical stability and climate.

Dr Atkinson and Professor Wade are both founding members of the PSA specialist group on Environmental Politics. They have contributed to research in environmental politics by contributing to panels at the PSA Conference and through publications, such as The Challenge of Sustainability: Linking politics, education and learning.

“It was great to share expertise and discuss the implications of the UN’s hugely influential Climate Talks. The conclusions we drew will now be used in a policy briefing that the PSA will be sending out to politicians and policy makers after the climate talks are completed,” said Professor Wade.

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