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Equality and diversity

Embracing equality and diversity is fundamental to our success and growth

London South Bank University (LSBU) has an Equality and Diversity framework to ensure that the contribution of each member of staff and each student will be valued equally.

As a member of staff you have an important role in ensuring colleagues and students feel welcome, valued and have a good experience as part of the University community.


We have developed the Diversity Strategy, which sets out the aims of the University and how we will meet the Public Sector Equality Duty through the delivery of the EDI Action Plan.


LSBU is committed to the provision of equality for all, valuing diversity across all the dimensions of difference. This is set out in our University's Equality and Diversity Policy Statement (PDF File 251 KB).


Gender pay gap

Since 2009 we have seen our gender pay gap steadily reduce from 13.25% (mean) to today’s levels (2017/18) of 6.7% (mean) and 5.4% (median), which is significantly lower than the higher education sector and the UK as a whole.

Read our gender pay gap report (PDF File 546 KB).

Further information

For enquiries and further information please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team on 020 7815 6235 or email

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