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HSC Criminal Convictions Declaration

Health and Social Care Criminal Convictions Declaration

Before an offer can be made, you’ll need to complete a criminal conviction declaration questionnaire.

Why do we ask for this information?

  • To ensure that the admissions process is fair, inclusive and transparent;
  • To help to identify and minimise any risk to the safety of staff, students and visitors;
  • To protect the University’s property;
  • To enable the University to assess eligibility for admission to, and ability to complete, courses.

Before completing the questionnaire, please read through the information below. Please complete your questionnaire as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing your application.

This info is only for Health And Social Care Applicants

What if I don’t have a criminal conviction?

You should still log into the questionnaire and let us know. You simply need to fill in your name, date of birth and student ID (which can be found on your offer email). The first question asks whether you have any criminal convictions. If you don’t, you only need to tick ‘no’ and submit.

Will a conviction affect my employability after graduating?

There are certain professions which may have rules surrounding criminal convictions. It is worth taking a look at Unlock’s Guidance on occupations to make yourself aware of any challenges you may face in the future.

How we store your data

Information relating to criminal convictions will be stored separately from your other application-related information and will only be made available to those who need to consider it as part of our risk assessment and admissions process.  The information will be anonymised where reasonably possible and appropriate. Information will usually be retained in a form (PDF File 253 KB) that identifies the applicant for no longer than is necessary.

Full details on our Criminal Convictions process can be found in section 2.40 of our Admissions and Enrolment Procedure (PDF File 1,043 KB).