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Our School of Arts and Creative Industries offer the following Subjects:

Acting and Performance, Fashion Communications, Film and Television Practice, Game Design and Development, Media Production, Music and Sound Design and Photography

These Bespoke workshops are designed for Year 11 Students and above. Please register by using our form and a member of the Outreach Team will be in touch with further details!

Click below for an overview of the workshops that we could offer your students.

Acting and Performance

Please enquire via if you would like a session with our Acting and Performance department.

Fashion Communications: Become a Loudspeaker for the fashion industry!

Please enquire via if you would like a session with our Fashion Communications department.

Would you like to find out what being a Fashion Communicator entails? Are you intrigued by fashion industry, creativity and practices? Our Fashion Communication Taster session, you will dive into the world of fashion images and texts, films and sounds and discover how creative professionals create memorable experiences, and deliver branded messages and unforgettable stories. "

Film and Television Practice

Please enquire via if you would like a session with our Film and Television Practice department.

Game Design and Development

Workshop: Do you have an interest in crafting playable experiences and working in multidisciplinary teams developing games?

This interactive session will introduce you to fundamental skills for level design. It will help you understand the requirements and creative decisions behind making an environment that the player must navigate and inhabit. You'll also get to meet members of our faculty who teach on the course and see for yourself the friendly team-focused game development culture at LSBU.

Media Production

Are you interested in creating engaging online content? Do you want to use the power of video and sound to tell the world about something big? This taster session will introduce you to video editing using Adobe Premiere. Media Production is about producing content and using online platforms to share it – and it all starts here. Please enquire via if you would like a session with our Media Production department.

Music and Sound Design

Take your creativity to the next level with an introduction to making electronic music in Ableton Live. Whether you want to make your own beats, compose music for video games or design your own sounds from scratch, Ableton Live is a versatile and fun piece of music software used across the industry. This taster session will introduce you to the basics of creating your own music in Ableton Live and give you an insight into studying Music and Sound Design at university.


This hands-on workshop will allow students to experiment with 3D scanning techniques to create 3D models and upload them to a virtual photographic studio to combine them with atmospheric lighting effects. Exposing your students to a fragment of the modules studied in our BA Photography and Imaging degree.

Available on campus and off campus