How we’ll support you to succeed

Whatever the world throws at you, we want to make sure that you receive a high-quality student experience at LSBU. You’re never on your own and there’s always someone to talk to who can fully assist you in accessing our services whilst learning remotely.

This means giving you ongoing access to our library and learning, wellbeing, sport and recreation, and employability services whilst being off-campus. We’re fully committed to delivering our support services in an easily accessible online way, and we will get in touch with more information in the lead up to the start of term.

I loved being at LSBU. The staff are very accommodating to any questions and queries you have. All emails are promptly responded to and all issues you may have are dealt with in a respectful and confidential manner.

Candice Goch, BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Student Advice

For any problem, big or small, our Student Advice Team's got your back! We're on hand to support and signpost you to a range of specialist teams. The team can provide answers to questions ranging from all things finance (e.g. budgeting, independent living) to wellbeing support, and arranging one-to-one appointments online. Get in touch with us at

To support online learning, the team will also deliver interactive FAQs and have live chat, connecting you with support services no matter where you're studying.

Wellbeing Support

The Mental Health and Wellbeing team offers a safe space for students to talk about what is on your mind. We can offer appointments via video call (via Microsoft Teams). The University has a counselling service, run by our partners Mind, which can be accessed virtually.

In addition to one-to-one support with our advisers, you'll be able to access a host of resources, including 24/7 access to digital emotional support with a range of programmes to choose from. We will also provide online resources for developing and increasing emotional resilience and programmes on managing money worries.

Plus, throughout Semester 2, the team will help you feel connected virtually with online groups, including crafts, drawing and book clubs, mindfulness videos and ‘Try it out’ group sessions.

Visit our dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing section for further details of the support we offer.

Disability and Dyslexia Support (DDS)

We’re committed to ensuring that students with any disability have equal access to all teaching and learning – and an equal opportunity to show their skills, reach their potential and excel in their chosen field. We will continue to work closely with academic teams and relevant colleagues to ensure that students requiring DDS are fully included in the learning experience and can demonstrate their skills and knowledge, whilst also promoting inclusive practice across the institution. This can include one-to-one support, advice, funding and adjustments to learning.

Any student with a disability, including EU and International students, can register for support with DDS. If you’re joining us in January, you don’t need to wait until you’re enrolled to get your support organised.

Contact now for more information and to arrange an appointment.

Later in the summer, we’ll be hosting a dedicated ‘Be Prepared' online welcome event, aimed at new students with disabilities. Keep an eye out for video guides covering:

  • An introduction to digital skills
  • Experience of current students at LSBU
  • Software, study skills & online support strategies
  • DSA applications, registration and general SAF arrangements
  • Meet the team

Visit our dedicated Disability and dyslexia support section for further details of the support we offer.

Employability Support

The Employability Team at LSBU helps you to access job opportunities and experience the world of work. This year, we will provide a full range of employability and careers support digitally.

You will be able to book video appointments with careers advisors, in addition to getting support over the phone/email as normal. Our interactive support sessions, including job application support and CV advice, will be delivered digitally. The Employability Team are also planning to run Employer Events online as well, allowing you to meet a host of companies from a range of industries. In the past, organisations at our careers fairs have included Aon, Aviva, Civil Service, Deloitte, NHS, Sky, Wilmott Dixon, Harrods, Sainsbury’s, Marriott and Warner Bros.

Look out for LSBU Employability webinars, including details on how to register with LSBU Employability and our jobshop. Visit Student Employability for further details.

Library and Learning Resources

Our Library and Learning Resources team will provide all new students with an online induction and orientation to access course materials and online resources. Academic librarians will only be a click away, providing support for effective researching. Whilst the team will help you with accessing learning materials and resources via social media, email and live chat.

Get Ahead events

In the lead-up to September, the team will be delivering ‘Get Ahead’ online workshops to help students get the most out of their learning. Want to get a head-start on how to study at university or brush up on your skills? Our online programme will introduce you to the library, show you how to navigate our virtual learning environment and help you get the most out of learning online and on-campus. We'll cover topics such as evaluating sources, referencing, writing, maths, statistics and using Office. Choose as many of the live online workshops as you want.

These sessions typically cover:

  • Skills needed for online learning
  • Getting Started at University
  • Academic Practices
  • Study at Postgraduate Level
  • Maths and Stats
  • Numeracy and Drug Calculations for Nursing

Further details will be available in the summer.

Maximise your success at LSBU: personal support and study plan

No one feels confident about all areas of academic and student life, and needs change as you progress through your studies. It's normal to want to find out more about different aspects of support.  So, we've designed a personal Self-Assessment Support and Study Plan that will assist you during your time at LSBU. You will be able to complete the plan once you have gone through your online enrolement. It will help you consider your goals, aspirations and what you want to achieve, help you identify your strengths as well as areas that you want to develop,and direct you straight to resources that can support you.