Global opportunities

We know that it is not easy to decide on which university can give you the best opportunities to grow and challenge yourself. Let us help

In the current world, adaptability and mobility are some of the most valuable skills. Understanding and respecting other cultures is another. You can gain all these skills and have a solid proof to boost your employability by going on an exchange!

At LSBU, we offer you multiple opportunities. To find out more about our programmes, see below.

If you are currently studying at LSBU, you can also visit our Erasmus+ and International Exchange pages on MyLSBU to find out more.

Erasmus+ Study

The Erasmus+ programme allows you to study for a year or a semester in one of our partner institutions within Europe. Additionally, to help you fund your exchange, you can receive a grant of up to €540 per month.

We are currently partnered with many institutions all over Europe. You can view the full list on our partner institutions page.

It was fantastic to meet people from all around the world who were doing the same thing as me. I can honestly say that I had a brilliant time and have definitely gained new skills and developed personally.

Jessica - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hochschule University of Applied Sciences was something great and truly different from my experience in London. I could never have imagined or predicted the impact that my time studying abroad would have upon my life.

Anastasios - Bremen, Germany

To find out more about Erasmus+ at LSBU please read our Erasmus+ Charter (PDF File 994 KB), awarded by the European Commission and our Erasmus Policy statement (PDF File 104 KB).

Erasmus+ Traineeship

The Erasmus+ traineeship programme allows students and new graduates to receive a grant (up to €540 a month) while completing an internship in Europe. It is an excellent opportunity for you to start your career by making international connections and expanding your horizons.

You can choose your own placement in any of the European countries, however it must be relevant to your studies and last a minimum of 2 months. There is no limit on when it needs to end however, you can receive the grant for up to 12 months only.

We know that the number of options this gives you can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, our dedicated Mobility team will support you through the process!

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us!

International exchange

At LSBU Erasmus + will not be your only option. We have partners in both North America and Europe that offer exciting programmes in various subjects.

Currently you can go on exchange for a semester to:

The modules you take while abroad will contribute towards your LSBU degree, which means that completing an exchange doesn’t have to impact the length of your LSBU course.

Full academic year exchange to:

Your year abroad at Lucerne will take place during your third year and you will return to complete your studies at LSBU in your final year. What’s more, you will also receive a qualification at the end of your exchange.

As members of BUTEX, we can also offer our students an option to apply for scholarship worth £500 that can contribute towards the overall cost of an exchange.

Please note: All partnerships are subject to change. You can view our International Exchange partners on our partner institutions page.